Tripura government embarrassed after 3 female comics go missing

Tripura government embarrassed after 3 female comics go missing

Agartala, April 10 (UNI) The administration of Unokoti district in north Tripura sounded the alarm on Sunday after police failed to produce three of the four Bangladeshi nationals for repatriation who were arrested in Kailashahar in March 2020 while traveling to Assam without any valid documents. Police found three Bangladeshi women missing from government housing at the eleventh hour. However, they remained without a trace even after 24 hours of absence in the hostel. Unokoti UK District Magistrate Chakma has asked for a police report to describe how the ladies wandered away from police safety. Police say just before blocking the nationwide lockdown due to the spread of coronavirus, a resident of Moulavibazar district in northern Bangladesh, identified as Istamur Ali, was arrested along with three women – Lalmati Rani Sarkar, Janata Rani Sarkar and Khela Rani Sarkar from Nabiganj under Habiganj district of Bangladesh in Paitubazar. They snuck into Indian territory through a carefree stretch of the northern Kailashahar border en route to Assam. Investigation revealed that Ali was accompanying the ladies to meet their respective parents in Assam. In the meantime, everything came to a standstill due to the lockdown and they landed in jail, police said. After a lengthy hearing, the court released them from prison at the end of the year and asked the state government to repatriate them. The district administration had arranged their accommodation in a hostel for SC students near the Kailashahar police station. While the Kailashahar Subdivision Magistrate was in charge of food and other logistics, the officer in charge of the police station was in charge of their security. During the year-long formalities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Deputy High Commission of Bangladesh here, their identities and relatives were established in Bangladesh. As a result, they were to be sent back to their home country on Sunday. Moulavibazar’s deputy commissioner and family members had arrived at the border to accept them, but with the exception of Istamur Ali, the police were unable to produce any others. The incident shocked the Tripura government and the authorities in Bangladesh raised a strong objection to the report, as the administration could not reasonably justify the absence of three people. UNI BB ARN

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