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Technology is at the forefront of investments in the mining industry. Corné de Jager, Area Sales Manager for Diamonds at TOMRA Mining, discusses the company’s latest developments in the sector

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Mining is an industry as old as civilization itself.

Whether miners mined copper and tin to forge bronze weapons of war, gold and silver with which to mint coins bearing the likenesses of their monarchs, or recovered precious stones revered in the many parts of the known world, the act of sourcing valuable minerals as function or desire has always held an important place in society.

Yet today, with increasingly complex and large-scale mining operations, multiple facets of the process are needed to help improve efficiency and maximize mineral yield, and the real catalyst of the day is the technology. One such enabler of this kind of pan-industrial solutions is the Norwegian giant TOMRA.

“TOMRA sorting systems are already contributing to more energy-efficient and cost-effective pre-concentrations and material recovery worldwide,” begins Corné de Jager, Regional Sales Manager for Diamonds at TOMRA Mining. . “Our sensor-based solutions help extend the life of mining operations and increase overall deposit value.”

TOMRA consists of two main business areas, TOMRA Collection (material recovery and the world’s leading provider of reverse selling solutions) and TOMRA Sorting, consisting of TOMRA Food, TOMRA Recycling and TOMRA Mining.

“With advanced sensor-based collection and sorting solutions, TOMRA has more than 100,000 installations in more than 80 markets worldwide and has achieved total sales of approximately NOK 9.9 billion ( NOK) in 2020,” Jager tells us. “The TOMRA Group employs approximately 4,300 people worldwide, and TOMRA Mining itself consists of 80 people, based at our sites in Hamburg and Mülheim-Kärlich (Germany), Johannesburg (South Africa), Denver (Americas) and Sydney (Australia)”.


TOMRA Mining offers a full range of products for efficient material and waste separation for various minerals and segments such as industrial minerals, diamonds, ferrous and non-ferrous, and metal recovery from slag. Its flagship products include, but are not limited to, Diamonds, Gold, Tungsten, Tin, Lithium, Limestone, Phosphate, Magnesite and Quartz.

With approximately 177 installations worldwide, TOMRA Sorting’s mining business contributes to more energy-efficient and cost-effective material recovery.

“TOMRA Act, the revolutionary new sorting IT user interface, combined with a new image processing pipeline and additional process data for TOMRA Insight, improves the overall sorting process for increased productivity and profitability,” says jagger.

“For the diamond industry, a premium range of sorting products are available for primarily four types of applications within the diamond recovery process. For major concentration, final recovery and sorting center applications, market-leading X-ray transmission (XRT) detection technology is used to differentiate products from waste based on atomic density. The waste sorting application uses near-infrared (NIR) color technology to remove minerals containing non-products upstream of the processing plant.


Altogether, TOMRA Mining’s products, latest additions and services, together with cloud computing, form a unique offering for the diamond industry: a complete partnered diamond recovery ecosystem from particles from two millimeters to 100 millimeters. Going forward, the company aims to maintain this market advantage through technology-intensive investments.

“One such investment is our new COM XRT 300 /FR Compact Sorter, which completes the diamond recovery ecosystem in partnership with TOMRA Mining,” says Jager. “Coupled with all the benefits of cloud computing (TOMRA Insight), the COM XRT 300 /FR is the final piece of our recovery process, covering final recovery (FR), sort house and small scale mining applications. ability to produce ultra-high concentrate diamonds by weight, with less human interference and less safety risk.

According to Jager, the sorter offers a 100% diamond detection rate in the specified size fraction and a 99% diamond recovery rate, guaranteed with sufficient raw material preparation.

“It is possible to replace several sorting steps with a single COM XRT 300 /FR sorter up to manual sorting”, continues Jager. “As a result, it offers greater efficiency, as well as better filing and security with fewer sorting steps and a lower carbon footprint. The first COM XRT 300 /FR sorter was installed at Letseng Mine in Lesotho, in May 2021. Our customer confirmed that the sorter was working well, with a constant recovery and in line with his expectations.

TOMRA Mining has also strengthened its online capabilities by investing in a new microsite within the company’s website.

“The new TOMRA Mining microsite, specially developed for the diamond industry, has cost time and money!” Jager assures us. “Feedback from our customers indicates that the site is user-friendly with minimal clicks required to quickly access and download product information, brochures, applications, model diagrams, videos, testimonials, case studies, as well as general layout (GA) drawings and 3D models. !

“Various clients have expressed interest in our recent investments, and our priority is therefore to continue to support our clients by seeking opportunities to improve our services for the mining sector in the years to come.

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