The second group of Syrian refugees leaves Lebanon and returns home

Dozens of Syrian refugees have returned to their country of origin in the second convoy in less than two weeks from the Lebanese town of Arsal under the supervision of the Lebanese army and General Security, a decision which could lead to the reduction of inflation in countries in crisis. Lebanon.

The repatriation from Syria to Lebanon that took place on Saturday was voluntary. The move came after the security records of those who requested their return were completed, Lebanon’s national news agency said.

According to the agency, around 330 Syrian refugees have left from the eastern Beqaa Valley to the Qalamoun region in western Syria, which borders Lebanon.

Lebanon’s northeast border region includes Qalamoun and Arsal, which witnessed some of the worst fighting in the Syrian conflict 11 years ago, where Daesh terrorists were scattered across Lebanon’s mountains and highlands. Syrians.

The head of Lebanon’s general security directorate, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, assured that “the return will be voluntary and free, and we will not force any refugee to return, this is our principled position, and this is part of an effort to ease Lebanon’s burden.

Ibrahim pointed out that 17 general security centers were spread across Lebanon to organize the voluntary return of Syrian refugees.

The Lebanese official also stressed that securing the return of refugees to Syria is “a national duty that we must serve”, adding that the Syrian side was very welcoming and transparent in handling this file.

This is the second time dozens of Syrians have returned home in 2022. The first repatriation took place on October 26 with some 700 refugees returning to their war-torn country. The comeback wave started in 2017, but stopped at the end of 2019 due to COVID-19.

In July, Ibrahim said that the Lebanese government, after receiving guarantees from the Syrian authorities, had drawn up a plan to return 15,000 Syrian refugees each month, but that it had been rejected due to a lack of international will to the repatriation of thousands of Syrian refugees. in the near future.

“We and the Syrian people are victims of a major international conspiracy led by superpowers, which has displaced an entire nation,” he explained.

According to the Lebanese government, around 1.5 million Syrian refugees live in the country.

Lebanon has repeatedly requested relevant international organizations to facilitate the repatriation of Syrian refugees to their country, in order to alleviate the economic burden that Lebanon bears in light of its catastrophic economic crisis.

Since the end of 2019, Lebanon has been plunged into a deep financial crisis which has caused the Lebanese pound to lose around 90% of its value to the US dollar and led to the collapse of its banking system, plunging the majority of Lebanese into the poverty.

The economic and financial crisis is mainly linked to the sanctions that the United States and its allies have imposed on Lebanon and the foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the Arab nation.

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