The provinces do not have the right to unilaterally repatriate the services of bureaucrats

KARACHI: The federal government has prevented provincial governments from repatriating the bureaucrats to Pakistan Police Department and Pakistan Administrative Department to Settlement Division without any compelling and compelling reason.

“Cases were brought to the attention of the Settlement Division that the provincial governments unilaterally repatriated the services of PSP and PAS agents to the Settlement Division without giving any reasons,” read an official letter. (a copy of which is available for The News) sent by the Settlement Division to all provincial chief secretaries, adding that such practices by provincial governments were contrary to prescribed procedure.

According to the official document, provincial governments have also been instructed to avoid using the term “surrender” in the future when repatriating the services of any officer to the Settlement Division.

He added: “In accordance with the provisions contained in the Interprovincial Agreement of 1993 and Rule 15 of the Pakistan Civil Service Rules (Composition and Framework), 1954, provincial governments can only apply to the federal government through the ‘intermediary of the division of the establishment the withdrawal of services. of an officer on the basis of compelling reasons or specific charges brought against him and after which the Workforce Division has the discretion to transfer him or otherwise. The letter concluded that all provincial governments were urged to follow the provisions of the Interprovincial Agreement of 1993 and Rule 15 of the Pakistan Civil Service Rules (Composition and Framework), 1954, adding: “To the future, if the services of PAS and PSP agents are not required by the provincial governments, they may refer the matter to the Settlement Division with specific charges and reasons against an agent as well as the justification for a such withdrawal of services.

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