The pandemic opportunity by Muhammad Yunus

With so much “normal” social and economic life put on hold by the coronavirus pandemic, there’s no better time to consider new approaches to development. Until we achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability, we as a species will be in a race against time.

DHAKA – The pandemic has thrown a wrench into the global economic machine, hampering growth in many parts of the world. Governments and businesses are now devoting all of their energy to restoring the old normal and pre-pandemic growth rate. And yet our political mantra really should be the opposite: “No turning back”.

After all, in the pre-pandemic world, we are rushing towards the very end of human existence on this planet, due to climate change, the concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands, and the development of applications. artificial intelligence (AI) that will increasingly make the remaining hands redundant.

Scientists have long warned us that uncontrollable global warming will severely limit our time on this planet. The countdown has already started. Mankind has become an endangered species. It would be suicidal to return to the pre-pandemic world. Why should we come back on a track that will take us from the top of a cliff?

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