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The government has approved the policy to organize flights to bring Vietnamese back home from Ukraine (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The government has approved the policy of organizing flights to bring Vietnamese back home from Ukraine.

Accordingly, in a spirit of humanity and giving the highest priority to the protection of Vietnamese citizensthe Government authorizes the organization of repatriation flights for Vietnamese and their families, with an initial number of 900 Vietnamese, who will depart from Poland, Romania or Moldova.

They will receive COVID-19 tests upon arrival in Vietnam and take necessary medical measures as instructed by the Ministry of Health.

The government has assigned the Ministry of Transport to take over most of the organization of the flights, while the Ministry of Finance has been given responsibility for financing the flights.

As part of efforts to implement the Prime Minister’s directive, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs worked with the Ministry of Transport to carry out two repatriation flights, one departing Romania on March 7 and the other from Poland on March 8.

The Foreign Ministry plans to coordinate with relevant agencies to continue organizing flights to evacuate Vietnamese people and their family members from dangerous areas of Ukraine to neighboring countries, and bring those who wish to return to Vietnam according to the actual situation and Vietnam’s capacity.

In recent days, Vietnamese representative offices in Ukraine and neighboring countries have closely coordinated with local authorities and Vietnamese associations in host countries to help the Vietnamese community evacuate war zones and provide them with temporary housing and essential products.

According to the offices, as of March 4, nearly Vietnamese in Kyiv and Odessa and hundreds of people in Kharkov had been evacuated to neighboring countries. Among them, 370 had come to Romania, 200 were on their way from Moldova to Romania, 600 from Ukraine had arrived in Poland, about 125 had arrived in Hungary and about 40 had come to Slovakia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Citizen Protection Group and representative offices are closely monitoring the situation and receiving inquiries from Vietnamese through the Citizen Protection Hotlines.

Vietnamese in Ukraine and neighboring countries who need help or wish to flee war zones can contact the ministry and representative offices in countries via the following phone numbers:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 84-965411118, 84-981848484; Email: [email protected]
Vietnamese Embassy in Ukraine: 380 (63) 8638999
Vietnamese Embassy in Russia: 79916821617
Vietnamese Embassy in Poland: 0048782257359
Vietnamese Embassy in Romania: 0040744645037
Embassy of Vietnam in Slovakia: 421 2 5245 1263, 421 915 419 568./.

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