The changes to rental rights come into effect in three …

A grace period for changes in rental rights following Britain’s exit from the EU expires at the end of this month.

And now the Home Office has issued new guidelines ahead of the changes coming into effect in three weeks.

The grace period referred to eligible citizens of the European Economic Area and Switzerland who resided in the UK to apply for settlement status – this opportunity ends on June 30.

ARLA Propertymark, which worked with the Home Office on changes to rental entitlement processes to accommodate the end of the grace period, said that starting July 1, officers would switch from nationality verification to UK immigration status verification of all adult applicants.

“From this point on, if someone is an EEA, EU or Swiss national, you will need to see proof of their UK immigration status rather than their national identification” , explains the PMRA.

EEA citizens residing in the UK who have applied for settlement status will have received digital proof of their UK immigration status.

“They will prove their tenancy entitlement by sharing their immigration status digitally, using the Home Office’s online tenancy service on Gov.UK,” says ARLA.

Digital vouchers were introduced in December 2020. Applicant provides a share code and date of birth, which is entered to reveal unlimited or time-limited status status.

There will however be other EEA citizens who will have different proof of their UK status which is contained in a physical document such as a visa.

The PMRA states, “These documents are included in the Prescribed Document Lists, providing owners with a legal excuse against liability for a civil penalty. For more information, see the Verification of rental rights documents, a user guide.

Digital health checks can be performed by video call at all times, while paper checks should always be performed in person.

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