The 10 Best Freezer Chests of 2021

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There was a huge rush for freezer boxes at the start of the pandemic, but retailers have finally caught up with demand. As life returns to normal, many people realize that it’s important to have a few extra batches of chili and lasagna – and the raw materials for basic dishes on hand.

What to consider

Buying a freezer chest is an important decision, and there are a number of factors to keep in mind before making a purchase. Here are some considerations that will help you make the right decision for your needs.

Cut: How much food do you actually need and want to store? We have options that range from 3.5 to 14.8 square feet of storage.

Storage: Chest freezers are equipped with different ways to organize their spaces. We’ve included several with removable drawers, so finding smaller items quickly is a priority.

Versatility: Most of our options are general purpose, ideal for the basement or garage. We’ve also included freezers that would work well in dorm rooms, for food professionals or for travelers.

Also note: All freezers listed below are energy efficient and should be plugged into a normal household outlet unless otherwise specified.

How we selected

We’ve reviewed hundreds of freezer chests before compiling this list. While chest freezers perform quite well overall, they are the best in their class. We’ve also kept a variety of sizes, specialist needs, and budgets in mind. All of our choices were from companies with an excellent reputation for customer service, and all products were highly rated by users.

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Best liked

Midea MRC050S0AWW Freezer Chest

This freezer earned 4.6 stars from over 6,300 reviews on Amazon, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. The Midea freezer comes in three sizes (we selected the 5 cubic foot model, but you can also buy a 3.5 or 7 cubic foot model) and allows you to set the temperature from -12 to -28 degrees.

The dimensions: 24.9 x 21.7 x 33.5 inches; it uses 217 kilowatt hours of energy per year and has an easy-access defrost drain and removable storage basket. Reviewers love the design of the balance hinge, which allows the lid to stay open on its own.


Best mini freezer

Koolatron KTCF155 Freezer Chest


$ 295.00

This compact freezer comes with a storage capacity of 3.5 cubic feet, making it popular for apartment owners or people who want to store food in their office. The energy efficient cooling system uses 193 kilowatt hours of energy per year.

This folding freezer model comes with two removable metal baskets, simplifying storage and allowing you to keep your priority items accessible. The external thermostat lets you adjust the freezer temperature without opening the door, and the sealed external drain plug makes manual defrosting and cleaning easy.

Users appreciate the lightness of the freezer and its ease of installation.


Best large freezer

Frigidaire FFFC15M4TW 14.8 Cubic Foot Freezer Chest

$ 669.00

$ 599.00 (10% off)

This Frigidaire is ideal for people who need a mega-freezer. With 14.8 cubic feet of storage, its overall size is 56 x 33 x 30 inches. The freezer has two sliding storage baskets, a power-on indicator light and interior lighting. Despite its size, reviews say it’s fairly easy to move around thanks to its removable wheel set. Its energy consumption matches its size, consuming around 296 kilowatt-hours per year.


Best luxury laptop

Whynter FM-85G 85 quart portable refrigerator

$ 760.00

$ 628.28 (17% off)

This freezer chest is a great option for travelers on the go. The Multifunctional Whynter can work with a standard wall outlet or the cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle, and it can also work as a regular freezer or refrigerator, with a wide temperature range of -6 to 50 degrees.

Storage capacity is 85 quarts (or 120 12-ounce cans); the dimensions are 18.25 x 28.1 x 23.5 inches. The safe comes with an 8 foot AC power cord and a 10 foot DC power cord, two removable wire baskets and insulated walls and cover. The portable freezer is equipped with stainless steel side handles and a drain plug for easy cleaning. It weighs 71 pounds empty.


The most energy efficient

GE 7 cubic foot freezer chest

GE Appliances

$ 233.67

This freezer chest has 7 cubic feet of storage space and comes with two baskets that make it easy to quickly prioritize the foods you want to have on hand. The overall dimensions are 33.5 x 37.50 x 21.75 inches. The freezer is also equipped with a power light on the outside, which indicates that it is operating without opening the lid. This freezer chest uses around 250 kilowatts per year and has been awarded an Energy Star compliant label, which estimates it will cost around $ 30 per year to operate.


The best organized

Soukoo Compact Refrigerator Freezer Chest


$ 399.99

This 5.0 cubic foot capacity freestanding chest freezer measures approximately 23.2 x 29.7 x 36.8 inches. The freezer chest is equipped with a balanced hinged door that can be left open at 45 or 90 degrees. The adjustable thermostat has a light that lets you know if it is working without opening the cover.

Reviewers love the highly organized hanging wire storage basket system, which allows you to keep small items close at hand. The removable baskets are also easy to slide. The “energy efficient” freezer has a built-in drain for easy manual defrosting.


The most durable

RCA FRF472 chest freezer

$ 399.00

$ 358.65 (10% off)

This freezer has 7.1 cubic feet of storage and is ideal for daily use and storage of loose meats and ready-made foods. The dimensions are 38.5 x 23.5 x 35 inches. The trunk comes with a reversible door, a drain plug for easy manual defrosting, and an adjustable thermostat that allows temperatures as low as -18 degrees. Annual energy consumption is estimated at 205 kilowatts per year.

Reviewers were delighted with the size and practicality of the freezer, saying it was “perfect” for everyday wear. “LOVE LOVE LOVE.”


Ideal for the basement

Danby DCF038A2WDB-3 Chest Freezer

This energy efficient freezer has 3.8 cubic feet of storage and is rated “ideal” by reviewers for dorm rooms, locker rooms, spare kitchen, and basement storage. The overall dimensions are 22.2 x 24.96 x 33.07 inches. The mid-size power station has a front-mounted mechanical thermostat, can be defrosted manually and has an adjustable wire basket.

The Danby freezer is designed to fit small spaces and will fit any wall. There’s also a five-year parts and labor warranty, with an in-home service option.


Best professional option

Northair Freezer Chest with Dry Erase Board


$ 419.99

This Northair freezer has 7 cubic feet of storage and comes with several professional grade bells and whistles. On top of the 35.4 x 21.8 x 32.9 inch freezer is a dry erase board, perfect for taking notes, making shopping lists or posting reminders.

Also included are two dry erase markers and four removable baskets, which make organization easy. The thermostat is adjustable and has seven settings, from 1 (off) to 7 (coldest). This energy efficient model uses 0.68 kilowatt of energy per day. The freezer comes with a one year warranty.


Better madness

Saba Two Door Countertop Freezer Chest


$ 2,134.00

This SPLurgy SABA freezer looks and works like its price tag. This stainless steel indoor and outdoor undercounter freezer serves as a versatile unit, serving as a workspace and meal prep station if needed. Digital temperature control, magnetic door seals, self-closing doors, and automatic cleaning and defrosting features are popular with critics. The shelving is adjustable.

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