Tesla’s new update dramatically improves range prediction

Tesla’s range prediction tool now takes into account more parameters, such as tire pressure and air density, to make its calculations more accurate.

from Tesla The distance prediction tool now takes many more parameters into account to make its calculations more accurate. The function offers real-time range calculations, similar to the instantaneous consumption function of gasoline cars. Tesla has introduced new features and parameters to improve its prediction. The latest update promises to go further and make it more accurate than ever.

Some Tesla vehicles are offered in an optional Long Range trim that offers more miles per kWh than Standard or Performance trims. The two most expensive models in the lineup, the Model S and Model X, also have a tri-motor AWD option that offers higher performance but slightly less range than the dual-motor AWD models. Overall, the cheapest model in Tesla’s lineup, the RWD Model 3, offers the lowest range of 267 miles, while the dual-motor AWD Model S travels the farthest on a single shift at 375 miles.


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Tesla’s latest update, which upgrades on-board software to version 2022.20.7, reportedly introduces new settings that could make its range calculations more accurate than ever. That’s according to Twitter user and frequent EV tipster @greentheonly, which claims that the tool now takes into account tire pressure and many other variables to calculate range accurately. Other factors used to estimate battery life include power loss from charging the phone and using 12V accessories, as well as air density and battery heating and cooling . Tire pressure, in particular, can significantly affect efficiency. According to one Twitter user, the difference between 42 and 45 PSI can result in a 20 wh/mi difference in efficiency.

Tesla’s range prediction is now much improved

Tesla fast charger

Tesla had previously rolled out a slew of other improvements to its range prediction tool by incorporating many factors based on local weather forecasts. In May, the 2022.16.0.2 update made range calculations for Tesla vehicles even more accurate. Prior to the update, Tesla only used elevation changes as one of its main metrics to measure range. However, the update enabled the Tesla Vehicle Navigation Energy Prediction Tool to take into account headwinds, crosswinds, humidity and ambient temperature data to accurately predict the weather. ‘autonomy. While the changes might not mean much for short trips, they are useful for people who take their Teslas long distances.

Tesla vehicles generally offer excellent range, but as with any car, accurately calculating the available range and passing it on to the driver is key to eliminating range anxiety. In a recent Consumer Reports survey, more than one in four Americans said they would not consider buying an electric vehicle despite its apparent benefits. About 55% of respondents also expressed concerns about the range and availability of chargers. While millions of people are still unconvinced by electric vehicles, You’re here and other automakers will have to do a lot to ease the anxiety of most EV owners, especially when taking their cars on long trips or in the car.

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Source: @greentheonly/Twitter

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