Stranger of Paradise works best with a bald character

Gamers are going bald after experiencing issues with Square Enix’s Soulsborne action RPG, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

PC users wielded their razors after experiencing frequent framerate drops while gaming Stranger from Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin.

According to GamesRadar+, PC gamers are having issues with the performance of stranger from paradise. The poor gaming experience offered by Square Enix’s Final Fantasy-based Soulsborne has caused players to delve into the game’s code to find the cause, leading to the discovery of a curious problem with its assets. in-game. Users have found that a number of poorly optimized character models are weighing on stranger from paradisememory efficiency. In particular, characters with luxurious hairstyles, like the Dark Elf King Astos, caused a major frame rate drop in cutscenes, prompting modders to remove distracting fluid locks.

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Although a shave may improve performance in some scenarios, another user revealed stranger from paradiseThe problems didn’t stop with elaborate hairstyles for NPCs. Detailed outfits, such as the minister’s fur coat, also hampered the game’s performance. Even average enemies consume too much memory, with some common mobs taking up nearly 30MB of RAM. The technical issues are so severe that even top-tier PC units can’t seem to salvage the experience, as users are barely able to hit 30fps despite exceeding the game’s recommended specs.

Announced as part of Final Fantasy35th Anniversary, Stranger from Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin is set as an alternate universe prequel to the very first Final Fantasy. Developers Team Ninja broke away from the series’ signature turn-based combat, instead aiming for a darker version of Final Fantasy intended for an informed public. As a result, the game emphasizes action-based combat and brutal difficulty, while allowing players to develop their own unique fighting style through the use of its job system.

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stranger from paradiseThe darker tone of was a point of contention when it was announced. The dark aesthetic and storyline were particularly well received, as many thought its overly serious characters were a detriment when combined with its cheesy dialogue. Protagonist Jack Garland became particularly known for his obsession with killing the being known as Chaos, with memes and parodies poking fun at his clumsy character design and over-the-top voice acting.

Stranger from Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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Source: GamesRadar+

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