Social Ecommerce Boosts Direct Selling: The Infinitus Digital Revolution

GUANGZHOU, China, September 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – How can the direct selling industry seize the historic opportunities presented by the latest evolution of the internet, to integrate digitization into existing business models and harness new business value? Infinitus is launching a new global model which it calls Direct Selling X Social E-commerce. Quietly, a radical change is taking place in the industry.

1. The marketing model is gradually evolving, driven by digital transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the planet has had a major impact on national economies around the world, with commerce, tourism, restaurants and transportation being the hardest hit. Direct selling was no exception.

However, each cloud has a silver lining. The pandemic has increased health awareness and, at the same time, the expectation of better health care and better health products. The Healthy China 2030 plan proposes that by 2030, the global scale of from China the health services industry will rise to 16 trillion yuan (about. US $ 2.5 trillion), while proactive disease prevention in tandem with healthcare and wellness will become an important trend. At the same time, the pandemic has accelerated a change in consumption habits, with more and more consumers preferring to shop online. New smart technologies, products and business models such as telecommuting and social retailing as a result of the measures put in place to deal with the pandemic have become new growth points in various industries. The number of practitioners in from China The social e-commerce industry topped 70 million in 2020, with no downturn in sight. As a result, for businesses, the integration of online and offline activities has become an irreversible trend.

Infinitus, leader in the sector, has, since early 2020, already made digital transformation a priority. The company’s fifth five-year development plan sets out four goals: product leadership, cultural leadership, digital transformation and business model evolution, while redefining the company’s goal: to bring health and well-being to a plus large number of people.

2. Break down all barriers to creative thinking and adopt innovative approaches to reinvent direct selling

Since 2020, Infinitus distributors have experienced major changes in their marketing approach. In the past, they spent a lot of time communicating with customers face to face. In 2020, Infinitus adopted Enterprise WeChat as the first step in the digitalization of its business.

The company has also launched several virtual assistants on its online platform: Infinitus WeStore, Marketing Assistant and Jiyouliao, which are WeChat ecology-based applets created jointly by Infinitus and Tencent Smart retail.

Infinitus WeStore, an online shopping center listing all categories of Infinitus products, is where shoppers, once registered, can purchase products online, straight from the source. With the Marketing Assistant, distributors can create and manage their own “exclusive online mini-stores”, view user visits and track sales. The applets help distributors set up their customer database and regularly remind them of customers who need follow-up. Through the platform, distributors can continuously maintain online communications with their customers and provide services to them. Jiyouliao is a portable content library designed for distributors, with features that allow them to record and share a wide range of informative content such as one-click video clips and posters officially released by the company, making it easy to find and share. creation of rich content in WeChat. Moments to attract customers.

The online platform has been designed to fully maximize operational efficiency as a distributor only needs a mobile phone to acquire a lead and become a buying customer. In addition, Infinitus empowers distributors at three levels: customer acquisition and conversion, choice of marketing method, and content tracking, helping them dramatically improve the efficiency of customer acquisition, sales tracking and delivery. converting sales, while supporting them in their business endeavors.

Such a change did not happen overnight. In fact, in September 2019, Infinitus launched YunyigouCloud Shopping and Global Shopping, the Infini-mart global shopping store, officially kicking off the rollout of Infinitus’ new business model and the rollout of its new era of e-commerce.

In January 2020, Infinitus has grown into the Korean market with an innovative cross-border social e-commerce model. Just six months later, in July, the company entered the Australian market.

3. Create new growth with a people-centered approach

At Infinitus, the switch to digitalization, the innovation of the Easy Earn * system and the launch of new products have combined to meet the expectations of customers and business partners.

Infinitus’ experience has proven that direct selling and social e-commerce are not contradictory, but mutually beneficial. The Direct Sales X Social Ecommerce model is not a reboot of direct sales, nor a simple addition of direct sales and social commerce. The model adopts new internet-based technologies and methods, as well as big data and digital tools to build customer trust and connection. It’s not just a combination of online and offline channels, but rather a multiplication of both.

Over the past two years, Infinitus has shown substantial growth through its foray into direct selling X Social E-commerce. More than a million distributors have chosen the Easy Earn method, a new model of social e-commerce, and have increased their profits. Most of them are basic traders. This data set fully proves that a million and more distributors can’t be wrong: The X Social E-commerce direct selling model works.

The essence of direct selling is sharing, just like the essence of social e-commerce. In terms of business models, Direct Sales X Social Ecommerce is an Infinitus innovation. The company plans to invest 3.4 billion yuan (about $ 526 million) in digital transformation and brand building. By seizing the current social e-commerce dividend, finding the right marketing model and inspiring business potential, Infinitus is stepping up its pace towards achieving its mission and creating a whole new set of growth points.

* “Easy Earn”: For products that are easy to share and promote (such as the Oriherb series, products available on the Infinitus Global Purchase website [,], and certain items marketed through third-party e-commerce platforms), Infinitus has launched the “Easy Earn” reward system, in addition to the original bonus points system. The system offers discounts to customers in the form of spend points and rewards sales representatives with bonuses.

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