Samsung Unveils Blazingly Fast DDR5 Memory with 512GB Capacities and 7200Mbps Speeds for Data Centers

At HotChips 33, Samsung revealed that it had developed the industry’s first 512GB DDR5 memory module operating at spindle speeds of up to 7.2 Gbps.

Samsung Unveils Blazingly Fast DDR5-7200 Memory Modules With 512GB Capacities, Going Into Mass Production Later This Year

Samsung’s DDR5 memory solution improves on DDR4 in four areas: performance, speed, capacity and power. As Samsung noted, there is a continued demand for increased capacity and performance in the data center segment. With DDR5 DRAM, Samsung is taking things to the next level.

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Samsung has developed the latest iteration of DDR5 memory modules for the data center segment which has a capacity of 512 GB. This is achieved through the implementation of an 8-stack DRAM design that includes one stack. 8-Hi TSV (Through-Silicon-Vias). The stack is 1.0mm high and there are a total of 20 stacks on the memory module which are separated into two main channels. TSV DDR5 batteries also reduce die gap by 40% using thin wafer handling technique. There are also key technologies implemented such as error free interconnect for TSVs and better cooling capacity with lower airflow impedance.

Samsung also boasts the fastest memory speeds with DDR5 reaching 7200Mbps at 1.1V voltage. Overall improvements include 40% higher performance, 2.2x faster speeds, twice the capacity memory, all at 0.92 times the voltage of DDR4. Compared to DDR4, DDR5 offers 18% higher bus efficiency. The highest efficiency is obtained thanks to the PMIC (Power Management In-Chip). The PMIC reduces the nose for low voltage operation and Samsung also uses a High-K metal gate process which is the first for DRAM EDP (Electronic Data Processing).

Some features of data center memory also include built-in ECC, an improved bit error rate which leads to more reliable and secure data processing. Samsung says it’s not stopping at 512GB of DDR5. They also hinted at terabyte capacity DDR5 memory modules for next-gen servers and they expect DDR5 to be the mainstream computing standard by 2023-2024.

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