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India will repatriate a Pakistani prisoner, Sameera Abdul Rehman (28), along with her 4-year-old daughter, next week. The woman entered India illegally in 2017 and lived in Bangalore with her then-husband for some time before being arrested.
According to official sources, it took several reminders from India for Pakistan to finally confirm last month its nationality, which is essential for its repatriation. While Indian authorities have confirmed that Sameera, who gave birth to her daughter in prison, will be repatriated on March 26, sources have also said that Pakistan does not allow consular access to Indian prisoners and fishermen.
The last time Pakistan granted consular access to an Indian fisherman was apparently in May last year.
According to the Indian authorities, the decision to repatriate Sameera was taken this month on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
A source said the Indian government took only a month after her nationality was confirmed to announce her repatriation, while Pakistan took nearly 4 years to confirm she was Pakistani. A Pakistani opposition senator had also raised the need for rapid confirmation of Sameera’s nationality with the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.
After entering India illegally in 2017, Sameera stayed in rented accommodation in Bengaluru with her husband Mohammed Shihab. She was arrested the same year in June and charges under the Aliens and Passports Act were filed against her. She gave birth to a daughter named Sana Fatima while in police custody.
Sameera was granted access to the consulate in 2018, but her nationality was not confirmed by Pakistan at the time. Last year, in August and then in September, India asked Pakistan to confirm his nationality and also shared a copy of his Pakistani passport. “Special” consular access was arranged for him in November.
Pakistan finally confirmed its nationality on February 17, 2022 after the case apparently attracted media attention in Pakistan.

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