Quarterly Update on Mixed Migration in Asia, 1st Quarter 2022 – Myanmar

Key Updates

• Afghan evacuees stuck in legal limbo: Months after hundreds of thousands of Afghan nationals were evacuated from Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover, many remain stuck in resettlement limbo in Western countries.

• Myanmar and Bangladesh resume talks on the repatriation of Rohingya refugees: while the two countries agreed on a repatriation date in June, many Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar say they do not want to return to Myanmar before that a series of long-standing issues are resolved, including the granting of full citizenship rights and protection from persecution.

• Rohingya refugees continue to move from Bangladesh: On March 25, 57 Rohingya refugees were captured by Bangladeshi authorities as they attempted to leave for Malaysia on a trawler. It was the second boat to attempt to leave Bangladesh in the first quarter of 2022.

• Escalating conflict on multiple fronts has displaced thousands of people in Myanmar: fighting has intensified in Kayah and Kayin states since December 2021, creating new volatile conflict zones. In Kayah alone, up to 170,000 people have been internally displaced and forced to seek refuge in community centers, churches, the jungle or in neighboring Shan State after the military crackdown in January.

• Refugees and migrants in the region still face barriers to accessing COVID-19 vaccine and treatment: refugees and migrants in countries like Thailand and Indonesia continue to face inequalities vaccines due to logistical and administrative difficulties.

• Refugees in Australian offshore processing centers are eligible for resettlement to New Zealand:
On March 24, Australia announced that up to 450 refugees from its regional processing centers would be resettled in New Zealand over the next three years.

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