Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Terastal retain attack bonuses of the same type

It has been confirmed that pokemon scarlet and Pokémon VioletTerastal’s new mechanic will retain a Pokemon’s same-type attack bonus in addition to its new bonuses. The recent pokemon scarlet and Purple the previews have revealed important details about how the new games will drastically change combat. Terastallization, a new mechanic that grants a Pokemon a new Tera type, is key to these changes. The confirmation of STAB preservation makes this all the more true.


In pokemon scarlet and Purple, players will be able to use a Tera Orb to Terastallize their Pokémon. Visually, the Terastal Phenomenon will look like Pokémon transformed into crystal, accented with a jewel symbol for transformation typing (i.e. balloons for flying or candles for fire). While terastallized, Pokemon will gain buffs for moves associated with the player’s chosen Tera type, but questions remain as to whether a Pokemon’s previous hitting advantages also remained.

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This question has now been answered, as Pokemon are confirmed to retain their STAB. For example, a Charizard typically has fire and flying STABs, which grant a 1.5x bonus to Fire or Flying type attacks. If a Charizard is terastallized with a Water Tera type, it retains its fire and flight bonuses and also gains a water bonus. If Charizard gains a Fire Tera type, its Fire STAB will be increased while its Flying STAB will remain the same.

It should be noted that the reverse is true for Defensive Strike bonuses. A Charizard is weak to Electric, Rock, and Water as these types are naturally strong against Fire or Water. If this Charizard terastallizes with a Water Tera type, it will become weak to Water, Grass, and Dragon instead. They will lose their innate weaknesses and gain the weaknesses of the applied Tera type.

Saying that Terastal mechanics could change from high level Pokemon competitive play is dramatically an understatement. It will allow pokemon scarlet and Purple players not only to attack enemy Pokemon in a new way, but also to defend Pokemon in a new way. Players will need to creatively defend themselves if they face Pokémon opponents with multiple strong hitting advantages.

It is also true that for a majority of Pokemon players, the more complex aspects of Pokemon battle strategy and terastallization probably won’t matter much. Catching powerful Pokemon and leveling efficiency should be more than enough for most Pokemon trainers to climb Victory Road. However, the terastallization should definitely add fun and flair to the experience.

pokemon scarlet and Pokémon Violet out November 18 on Switch.

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