Panasonic’s New Nanoe X™ Technology Air Conditioner Lets Nature Breathe Indoors

Dubai: Panasonic, a global leader in ventilation and healthy indoor living solutions, has announced the launch of its latest air conditioner model featuring revolutionary nanoe X™ technology. Designed to deliver cleaner air quality, the new wall-mounted air conditioner is also equipped with key Panasonic innovations, including JETSTREAM and AEROWINGS, providing comfortable cooling while achieving high energy efficiency.

nanoe X™ is a Panasonic patented technology backed by more than two decades of dedicated research and development. The nanoe X™ generator placed inside the indoor unit of the air conditioner diffuses billions of hydroxyl radicals into the air in one second. These hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive compounds that inhibit pollutants, viruses and bacteria, as well as deodorize contaminated air. When hydroxyl radicals come into contact with viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants, they remove hydrogen from substances, thereby inactivating toxic contaminants. In this way, nanoe X™ works to inhibit pollutants and deodorize unwanted odors.

“In keeping with our commitment to providing solutions that make life simpler, safer, healthier and more enjoyable for our customers, the Panasonic air conditioner with nanoe X™ technology is a revolutionary product designed to advance ‘well-being’. for life” a little further on. nanoe X™ technology has been proven to inhibit pathogenic microorganisms – such as bacteria, fungi and viruses – as well as other allergens, breaking down PM 2.5 components that have adverse effects on the body human,” Mr. Dipendu Goon, General Manager – Air Conditioning and Audio Video Department, PMMAF, said.

“The great thing about the air conditioner with nanoe X™ is that we are able to bring nature’s balance indoors by harnessing the benefits of hydroxyl radicals. These hydroxyl radicals within the nanoe X™ react with the hydrogen contained in pollen, bacteria, viruses and odorous compounds, modifying their molecules and inhibiting them. Thanks to this advanced technology, even tightly woven fabrics can be treated using this solution, which means curtains, blinds, carpets and furniture can all benefit from this technology to inhibit hazardous substances. – including on hard surfaces and, of course, the air we breathe. With all of this, we are able to help our customers feel confident about their homes and interior spaces, and more importantly, have peace of mind about the air they breathe” , he added.

In addition to nanoe™ X technology, the new AC model also incorporates JETSTREAM innovation for powerful cooling. JETSTREAM achieves a maximum airflow length of 25 meters. This long-range airflow provides users with a comfortable space and optimal room temperature wherever they are in the room. By pressing the JETSTREAM function on the AC remote control, you get rapid cooling because a large air intake draws in a large amount of air, while a large diameter fan generates stronger airflow. . The AEROWINGS also increase the AC’s rapid cooling power with a pair of wings that send air farther.

While delivering rapid cooling power, the nanoe X™ AC is also energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and designed to meet the extreme weather conditions of the region. The unit is built with the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, which is an excellent heat transfer medium for energy efficiency and cost savings. R32 refrigerant also has a low global warming potential, which makes it more environmentally friendly.

Panasonic, with its DNA of Japanese craftsmanship and quality, has ensured that the new AC model undergoes rigorous quality control procedures to deliver unrivaled performance. For example, the operating noise of the air conditioning indoor and outdoor units is low enough to allow users to talk and sleep comfortably while the unit is running. The AC leak test, meanwhile, revealed high safety standards, as the contact sections on the circuit boards are resin-coated to prevent adverse effects caused by unlikely exposure to water droplets.

The nanoe X™ AC is also designed with an industry-leading length of tubing for greater design flexibility. The maximum pipe length is 40m, while the maximum height difference is 30m, making it ideal for residential and commercial installations.

The Panasonic PN Series air conditioner with nanoe X™ technology is now available at Panasonic retail outlets in Kuwait, UAE and Oman, and online at Amazon in the UAE.

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