NuMiner Announces Next Generation NM440 Bitcoin Miners and Global Launch of NuMiner

  • NuMiner Introduces New NM440 Bitcoin Miner Using Groundbreaking Proprietary Technology

  • The NM440 sets a new industry standard as the fastest and most energy-efficient bitcoin miner

    • Hash rate of 440 terahash per second (“TH/s”)

    • Energy efficiency ratio of 20.2 joules per terahash represents approximately a 75% reduction in energy consumption compared to the average bitcoin miner

  • NuMiner reaches approximately $1.7 billion sales agreement with Sphere 3D for 60,000 NM440 miners expected to account for approximately 15% of global network hash rate

    • Option for Sphere 3D to acquire an additional 60,000 NM440 miners

    • 3D Sphere to Power NM440 Mining Using Only Renewable Energy

  • NM440 deliveries are expected to begin in the second quarter of 2022

NEW YORK, February 03, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NuMiner Technologies Ltd. (“NuMiner Technologies”) and NuMiner Global, Inc. (“NuMiner” or “NuMiner Global”) today announced the launch of NuMiner Technologies’ next-generation NM440 bitcoin miners and NuMiner Global as the exclusive global distributor.

The NM440 combines innovative processing technology and design to present the most efficient and powerful miner in the world. The peak performance and distinct advantage of the NM440 is due to revolutionary proprietary hardware and software.

  • Sets a new industry standard with a hash rate as high as 440 TH/s and a power efficiency ratio of 20.2 joules per terahash (“J/TH”).

  • Processing a hash rate of >3x the recently announced major miner that has yet to ship, >4x the major miners currently available on the market, and >8x the average bitcoin miner on the market.

  • ~75% less energy consumption. Bitcoin mining consumed approximately 121 terawatt hours of electricity worldwide in 2021. If all bitcoin miners installed the NM440, it would reduce global energy consumption for bitcoin mining by approximately 75%.

  • ~4.5 times more profitable than the main miners currently available on the market, given higher processing speed and lower power consumption.

  • Effectively verifies transaction integrity on the digital public register. NuMiner’s solution uses reconfigurable AI chips to dynamically adjust the compute target to maximize profits.

  • Improved performance reliability due to advanced engineering, circuit design, component selection and specialized materials used in manufacturing.

NuMiner prioritizes clients who are committed to adopting environmentally responsible cryptocurrency mining practices. Through this commitment, coupled with the company’s innovative technology, NuMiner will enable an industry transition to renewable and sustainable energy.

The NM440 is produced in coordination with leading technology vendors including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (“TSMC”), Foxconn and Xilinx. Deliveries are expected to begin in the second quarter of 2022.

The performance specifications of the NM440 have been independently validated by the BACnet Testing Laboratories (“BTL”) certified laboratory of the world’s leading testing company TÜV Nord. A summary of NM440 capabilities is available on

Preferred client Sphere 3D is expected to account for around 15% of the global network hash rate

NuMiner and Sphere 3D Corp. (Nasdaq: ANY) (“Sphere 3D”) have entered into an agreement under which Sphere 3D has agreed to purchase 60,000 NM440 machines for a purchase price of approximately $1.7 billion, to be paid in cash and Sphere Stock 3D, with an option to purchase an additional 60,000 NM440 machines.

Once up and running, the total 60,000 NM440 machines are expected to deliver 26.4 exahashes per second and around 15% of the global network hash rate.1, making Sphere 3D one of the largest bitcoin miners in the global bitcoin mining industry. In line with NuMiner’s focus on promoting an industry transition towards sustainable cryptocurrency mining, Sphere 3D is committed to using only renewable energy to power its NM440 machines.

The sale agreement between NuMiner and Sphere 3D will be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. To request product availability, visit


Thomas Hsu, CEO of NuMiner Technologies, said, “We optimally integrate innovation and IC design, hardware manufacturing and software development throughout the supply chain. NuMiner Technologies is committed to providing products with higher computing power, better energy savings and more market advantages, and we will continuously innovate to further improve our product offerings and maintain our leadership in mining crypto. We also invite vendors with innovative technologies to join our NuMiner alliance. We plan to use cutting-edge advanced manufacturing process technology and the integration of industrial advantages with suppliers to achieve better product quality and technological breakthroughs. »

“The rapidly growing bitcoin mining industry is at an inflection point, and NuMiner is at the forefront – introducing new technology that will set the industry standard and redefine what it means to be a bitcoin miner. sustainability,” said Dr. Anthony Melman, Chairman of NuMiner’s Global Board of Directors. “The NM440 boasts a processing hash rate of 440 TH/s, more than 8 times the average bitcoin miner, with approximately 75% lower power consumption, as certified by BTL Certified Lab. third-party testing company TÜV Nord.With superior speed, energy efficiency and reliability compared to other machines available on the market, the returns for those using our NM440 should be significantly improved.Dramatically reducing cost and consumption energy from bitcoin mining, we are accelerating the industry shift to renewable and sustainable energy. We are building on this by providing our technology only to customers who commit to adopting mining practices We are proud to lead the industry towards long-term sustainable cryptocurrency mining practices.

“The introduction of NuMiner’s cutting-edge technology and know-how is a game-changing moment for bitcoin mining worldwide,” said Iain Kennedy, President and CEO of NuMiner Global. “We are focused on improving bitcoin mining through innovation with solutions that apply powerful processing capabilities for faster and more efficient mining, which is essential for blockchain-based verification of the integrity of bitcoin transactions on the digital public ledger.We are also committed to being at the forefront of environmentally friendly bitcoin mining to ensure a sustainable future for the industry and to contribute to the communities it operates in. We believe that the balance of performance and power consumption of the NM440 represents the future of mining technology.

Mr. Kennedy continued, “With the highest and most efficient hash rate in the industry, our commitment to sustainable bitcoin mining and leading industry vendors, NuMiner is strategically and operationally positioned to scale. quickly and ultimately become the global leader in bitcoin mining technology NuMiner’s investments in strategic hardware and software innovation will also position us to grow our capabilities and enable transformational solutions in cryptocurrencies , blockchain, smart contracts and distributed applications as we expand our reach into exciting new areas for future growth.

NuMiner Technologies has appointed Richard Lee, former R&D Director of TSMC, as a Special R&D Advisor to NuMiner Technologies. “The NM440 is a major breakthrough in bitcoin mining technology. Using powerful state-of-the-art chips produced with advanced manufacturing processes, the NM440 represents exciting leaps in technical innovation for increased efficiency and lower power consumption. “reduced energy. I’m excited to work with the innovative teams at NuMiner Technologies,” said Mr. Lee.

About NuMiner Technologies Ltd.

NuMiner Technologies is dedicated to designing the most powerful and efficient crypto mining technology. We specialize in hardware design and development, software development and integrated circuit design, and our innovative team of over 60 employees has significant expertise in technology, including cryptography. Our team has developed proprietary hardware and software that is revolutionizing bitcoin mining. With unparalleled processing power, dramatically reduced power consumption, and enhanced blockchain-based verification processes, the NM440 is designed to empower our customers with peak profits. We are proud to lead the industry towards sustainable bitcoin mining and will continue to work alongside our suppliers to innovate our technology and bring crypto mining into the future.

About NuMiner Global, Inc.

NuMiner Global, Inc. is focused on providing the most powerful, efficient and profitable bitcoin mining technology. NuMiner’s next-generation bitcoin mining ecosystem offers unparalleled processing power, dramatically reduced power consumption, and enhanced blockchain-based verification processes – designed to enable cutting-edge profits. By reducing the cost and energy consumption of bitcoin mining and engaging with customers who are committed to environmentally responsible practices, NuMiner is at the forefront of promoting transition of the industry towards renewable and sustainable energies. Based in New York, NuMiner Global is the exclusive distributor of NuMiner Technologies’ next-generation NM440 miners and all subsequent products. Learn more at Follow us on twitter @NuMinerGlobal and LinkedIn @NuMinerGlobal.

About the NM440

The NM440 combines powerful mining technology and an innovative, energy-efficient design to present the most efficient and powerful miner in the world. The NM440 sets a new industry standard with a hash rate as high as 440 terahash per second and a power efficiency ratio of 20.2 joules per terahash, reducing power consumption by approximately 75%. These measurements have been backed up by the BTL-certified laboratory of leading third-party testing company TÜV Nord. The NM440 is highly efficient, producing more bitcoins for less energy, and designed with reliability and long-term stability in mind.

1 Based on network size as of December 31, 2021. Source:

See the source version on


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