Nigeria gives Germany deadline to return looted, stolen and smuggled items

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Nigeria is not giving Germany a deadline to return all the artifacts it transports from Nigeria.

Information and Culture Minister Lai Mohammed makes an announcement for the Lagos State press conference in Nigeria to inform Nigerians of the efforts they have put in place to ensure that kontris all over the world are returning artifacts of tiff, looting or smuggling of comote di kontri.

Clear air also said that the federal government was going to take possession of artefacts from Germany and oda kontris because the federal government had obligations and was in compliance with the law.

There are not many arguments to know who will take possession of the Benin Bronzes.

The minister gave information afterwards and some delegates traveled to Germany to discuss how they are going to return 1,130 Beninese bronzes are returning to Nigeria.

Oga Lai explains that Nigeria and Germany do not agree on a deadline for returning the artifacts because Nigeria does not tire of time and does not get a date.

E say that they do not decide to sign a repatriation agreement in December 2021 and that they conclude the repatriation by August 2022 without any conditions.

Why Nigeria will now go after artefacts

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The minister says the artifacts are treasured around the world and they realize that if they return to Nigeria and are properly displayed inside and outside of di Kontri under government control, they will attract and increase many tourists. di kontri best money.

Another reason to say, these timeless and priceless works are an important part of the past, history and heritage of di kontri, as they allow I am sitting for museums oda kontris, e dey rob di kontri de l ‘im story.

Oga Lai also said that he is currently working on repatriation of Ife Bronzes and Terracotta, Nok Terracotta, Owo Terracotta, Benue River Valley Arts, Igbo Ukwu, Bida arts, Igala, Jukun arts, etc.

Artifacts do not return


For October 2020, the Netherlands is returning the valuable 600-year-old Ife Terracotta.

March 2021 – they receive a bronze coin from Mexico.

The University of Cambridge for the United Kingdom does not accept to return a Beninese artefact for reasons of argument. Oga Lai says they will begin the process of repatriating the coin soon.

Goment don has also set the date of October 2021 for the return of antiques from the Metropolitan Museums to New York. The Di antiques consist of two important bronzes from Benin and a delicate bronze head from Ife.

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