Next Haryana Police Chief: proposal with UPSC to choose 3 eligible officers

Almost two weeks after the Director General of Police (DGP) of Haryana, Manoj Yadava, requested premature repatriation from the Intelligence Bureau (IB) citing career considerations and family demands, the government of the State initiated the process to choose his successor.

A proposal containing the names of eight IPS officials has been sent to the Union Civil Service Commission (UPSC) for the preselection of three most senior officials. Officials said the proposal containing the names of officers eligible to be recruited as DGP and sent to UPSC had been approved by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

Supreme court directives

In accordance with the instructions of the Supreme Court, the state DGP is chosen by the state government from among the three most senior officials in the department who have been recruited for promotion to that rank by the UPSC on the basis of their seniority. , very good record and varied experience at the head of the police force. “And, once he has been selected for the post, he should have a minimum term of at least two years regardless of his retirement date,” the Supreme Court said in the landmark 2006 Prakash Singh judgment. The SC had in March 2019 clarified that the UPSC’s recommendation for DGP appointment and panel preparation should be solely on the basis of merit and officers who have at least six months of service prior to retirement.

Officers account for the first police chair

Technically, seven officers who have accumulated 30 years of service are eligible for hire. They are 1988 Batch Officer PK Agrawal, 1989 Batch Officers Mohammad Akil and RC Mishra, 1990 Batch Officers Shatrujeet Kapoor and Desh Raj Singh and 1991 Batch Officers Alok Roy and Sanjeev Kumar Jain.

If the name of the outgoing DGP, Manoj Yadava was also on the list of eligible officers sent to UPSC, this is only a technical detail since he requested his repatriation and did not agree to be considered for the post of chief of police.

However, the three IPS agents who are selected will in fact be the best candidates for the post. Officials said a realistic assessment of eligible officers indicates that based on their service record, seniority and experience, only four officers will be vying to make it to the UPSC panel of three officers. They are PK Agrawal, Mohammad Akil, RC Mishra and Shatrujeet Kapoor. After preselecting three names, UPSC will send the panel to the state government to select the next DGP. The state government will have the discretion to choose a panel officer and appoint him as DGP.

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