Nevada vs Western Michigan LIVE: Score Updates (17-38) | 12/27/2021

13:45 a minute ago

End of the third trimester

Nevada 17 x 38 Western Michigan

13:42 4 minutes ago


After a 33-yard carrie from Devonte Lee, Nevada reached the 2-yard line. Cox tries to launch first, doesn’t understand, but Taua enters the end zone on the second try!

13: 379 minutes ago

Facial mask

The Broncos defense got a sack against Nate Cox on a 3rd and a 19, but it is canceled by Ralph Holley’s face mask on the Nevada QB.

13:32 14 minutes ago


The Broncos cannot convert 2nd and 3rd for 1 yard. Nick Mihalic kicked 54 yards against 32 for Nevada.

13: 2620 minutes ago


Nevada does not convert on the 3rd down next down and returns the ball. Punt by Julian Diaz for 59 yards at WM 6.

13: 2422 minutes ago


Jamaal Bell lands on the right side of the field and wins the first down after a 3rd & 9, but the refs say he’s out of bounds. The appeal is canceled after examination.

13: 1333 minutes ago


Two plays after a 70-yard run from Sean Taylor to the 2-line on the attacking field, Eleby enters the end zone by stealth! Two previous games rushed to the same place, including one by QB, did not work out.

13: 0739 minutes ago

The second half begins

Broncos shot at their own 25

13: 0244 minutes ago

Individual numbers

12:52 an hour ago

Team statistics in the first half

12:46 an hour ago

Half time

The Broncos have dominated Wolf Pack so far. Nevada 10 x 31 WM. Eleby was intercepted by Berdale Robins at the end of the 2nd quarter while attempting a Hail Mary.

12:40 1 hour ago

3 and outside

Nevada hits the 4th and 6th and returns the ball. Punt 50 yards at 28 from WM.

12:38 an hour ago

Last two minutes

We are approaching half-time

12:36 an hour ago


Jaxson Kincaide with the TD rushed for 7 yards!

12:32 1 hour ago

Broncos in the red zone

7 yard line for WM

12:30 an hour ago

4th down

Tyler crosses left and converts 4th and 6th for Broncos

12:23 an hour ago


Nevada returns the ball after a 4th & 9th on the defensive ground. Punt of 45 yards against 28 of WM.

12:16 an hour ago


Seven minutes before half-time

12: 142 hours ago


Kaleb Eleby with a 20 yard pass in playing action to Brett Borske!

12: 112 hours ago

Total yards

Nevada 102 x 86 Western Michigan

12: 032 hours ago


Nevada reaches the 1-yard line, wins a first try and Devonte Lee runs into the end zone!

11:57 2 hours ago

Wolf Pack in the attacking field

Nevada reaches 45th in Broncos

11:52 2 hours ago

Goal on the ground!

Parker Sampson good for 22 yards. Three more for western Michigan. They lead by 14.

11:46 2 hours ago

End of the first trimester

Wolf Pack 3 x 14 Broncos

11:45 2 hours ago


The Broncos’ QB runs in the 2nd and 5th and gets the first down. WM in the red zone.

11:41 2 hours ago

Bag and boot

Fiske sacked Nate Cox for a 10-yard loss on Nevada’s 32. The ball goes back to the Broncos. 45-yard punt at WM’s 23

11:36 2 hours ago


Six minutes to play in the first quarter

11:35 2 hours ago


Kaleb Eleby passes 74 yards to Corey Crooms, who runs into the end zone! The team was on their own 24 yard line on a 3rd and 10

11:30 2 hours ago

Tristan nichols

Wolf Pack’s TD leaves the field after being on the ground for a while. It will be evaluated.

11:27 2 hours ago


Nate Cox throws an incomplete pass to the 3rd and 1st on the Broncos 41-yard line. Julian Diaz kicked for 54 yards to Wolf Pack 5.

11:19 2 hours ago


Sean Tyler runs from the right, nobody touches him and he scores a TD return of 100 yards for Western Michigan !!

11:18 2 hours ago

Goal on the ground!

Brandon Talton good from 32 yards

11:15 3 hours ago


Nate Cox was sacked for a 1-yard loss in 3rd and 5 on the Broncos 14-yard line.

11:10 3 hours ago

Devonte lee

Excellent reach on 34 yards from RB Nevada and the team hit the 40 yard line in the attacking field

11:06 3 hours ago

possession of Nevada

The wolf pack begins with possession of the first offense

11:04 3 hours ago

To start up

The game starts

10:53 3 hours ago


We still do not have any information on inactive players or who are dressing. It will be necessary to see it on the ground.

10:42 3 hours ago

The teams warm up

Os jogadores se preparam para o jogo

10:27 3 hours ago

Good afternoon

We are just minutes from the game. Stay tuned.

10:22 3 hours ago

Tune In Here Nevada vs Western Michigan Live Score

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10:17 3 hours ago

How to watch Nevadas – Western Michigan live on TV and online?

10:12 4 hours ago

What time is the Nevada-Western Michigan game for Quick Lane Bowl?

10:07 4 hours ago

Nevada vs Western Michigan prediction

09:57 4 hours ago

Last matches between Nevada and Western Michigan

This game will be the the very first between the Nevada Wolf Pack and the Western Michigan Broncos.

09:52 4 hours ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

This information has yet to be released by the league. We will update it as soon as it is released.

09:42 4 hours ago

News from the Broncos roster

Wide receiver Jaylen Room should not play today, as he has already entered the transfer portal.

09:37 4 hours ago

Wolf Pack without Main QB

The quarterbark Carson strong has announced that he will be in the 2022 draft, so he will not go to the game today, to avoid any possible injury. He is currently considered a candidate in the first round, after an excellent season, with: 70.2% efficiency on passes, for 4,186 yards and 36 touchdowns. Nate Cox will replace Strong. Close end Cole Turner and seven other unconfirmed wide receivers are also missing the game. Nevada is also without an official head coach as Ken Wilson, who will replace Jay Norvell – who went to Colorado state, has yet to officially assume the team. Interim coach Vai Taua will be sidelined.

09:32 4 hours ago

The match will be played at Ford Field

09:27 4 hours ago

Welcome to’s coverage of the Quick Lane Bowl: Nevada vs Western Michigan Live Updates game!

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