Navitas and Anker team up on new generation mobile fast chargers

Article by: Navitas Semiconductor

Navitas Semiconductor and Anker Innovations have signed a new strategic partnership to develop and launch GaNFast chargers.

Navitas Semiconductor and Anker Innovations have signed a new strategic partnership, whereby dedicated engineering teams from Navitas and Anker will be co-located at Anker’s offices to develop and launch GaNFast chargers to accelerate time-to-market. the market.

Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices are at the forefront of power semiconductor technology, running 20 times faster than traditional silicon chips, and can achieve up to 3 times more power or a load 3 times faster in half the size and weight. Navitas GaNFast power integrated circuits integrate GaN power, drive, GaN protection and control and are designed to be easy to use “digital input and output” circuit building blocks.

Anker and Navitas have an established relationship, which began in 2017, when Anker was one of the first companies to create next-generation rapid charger prototypes and then qualify the revolutionary new GaN technology. The Anker PowerCore Fusion PD 2019 Combo Charger and Portable Power Bank has been a game-changer in mobile power, using Navitas GaNFast power ICs to reach new levels of efficiency and power density.

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Anker Innovations CEO Steven Yang said: “I believe that having the Anker and Navitas engineering teams side by side on a daily basis will dramatically improve the efficiency of the product development process, resulting in faster and better chargers. quality for our customers ”.

The initial focus will be on next-generation mobile chargers, but will expand into high-growth energy storage markets. The agreement also provides a longer planning horizon for cooperative marketing across all media platforms and in-person events, such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in Las Vegas.

“As a long-time customer and investor in Navitas, Anker has demonstrated a passion for innovation and a vision for the future of charging,” said Gene Sheridan, co-founder and CEO of Navitas. “Mobile recharging is a $ 2 billion target market for GaN power integrated circuits, and working with Anker on energy storage is aligned with our renewable / solar energy expansion strategy.

The first two fast chargers released under the new partnership are the 30W USB-C and 65W 2C + A chargers in collaboration with Anker with the multiplayer online battle arena video game “League of Legends”, played on phones, tablets and laptops. With fast-paced action and detailed, intensive graphics, the game consumes a lot of battery power, and fast charging – along with portability – is crucial for any LOL gamer.

At only 28 x 29 x 32mm, the 30W USB-C Jinx is similar in size to the original 5W so-called sugar cube-shaped phone charger and 70% smaller than the standard silicon-based 30W.

The Yasuo 65W 2C1A charger has 2 USB-C and 1x USB-A ports to simultaneously charge three devices such as phone, headset and laptop, with enough power for high performance gaming laptops.

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