Mizoram removes Brus registered in Tripura from electoral list

Aizawl: At least 276 Brus, out of more than 11,700 Brus from Mizoram who have been living in Tripura transit camps for more than two decades and allowed to permanently resettle in the neighboring state, have been removed from Mizoram’s electoral rolls, a election official said Thursday.

The main civil society organizations and political parties have demanded the removal of Bru voters based in Tripura from the Mizoram electoral list.

Mizoram Deputy Chief Electoral Officer David Lalsanglura Pachuau said the Tripura State Electoral Department sent corresponding removal requests to remove the names of Bru voters, who resettled and registered on the list state electoral roll, from the Mizoram electoral list.

Until Monday, the Mizoram Electoral Department had received corresponding suppression requests aimed at disenfranchising 276 Bru voters from nine assembly constituencies in three districts, who failed to return to the state during repatriation and have already resettled in Tripura, he said.

The Electoral Department of Tripura state recently registered 1,090 bruh voters on the state voter roll, while another 1,786 bruh voters applied to be registered on the Tripura voter rolls, it added.

Pachuau also said that Bru voters, who were resettled in Tripura and already registered in the state voters list, would be removed from the Mizoram voters list in a phased manner whenever a corresponding removal request is received. of Tripura, and their listing appeared in ERO Network (Electoral Roll Officer).

According to him, no less than 11,759 Bru voters, including 5,751 female voters, who were in transit camps and allowed to resettle in Tripura, were registered on the Mizoram voter list.

Of the three districts where Brus voters hail from, Mamit district had the highest number of 8,885, followed by Kolasib district which has 1,979 voters, while 895 belonged to Lunglei district, it said. -he declares.

Thousands of Brus migrated to Tripura fearing ethnic tensions in 1997.
There have been at least nine repatriation attempts to Mizoram, with the latest wave of repatriations being organized between October and November 2019.

More than 11,000 Bru people had returned to Mizoram during these repatriation exercises.

In line with the agreement signed between the Centre, the governments of Mizoram and Tripura and representatives of Bru organizations in January 2020, the resettlement of over 35,000 displaced tribal Bru in Tripura is underway.

In the past, Bru voters used to exercise their right to vote by mail in their relief camps in Tripura until the Assembly polls in 2018 and the Lok Sabha polls in 2019, when polling stations Exclusive voting rights have been set up for Bru voters in Kanhmun in Mizoram. -Tripura border.

The NGO Coordinating Committee, a conglomerate of civil society organizations led by the Central Youth Mizo Association (CYMA), had strongly opposed special voting booths for Bru voters during the partial vote at the Tuirial assembly held in October last year.

None of the 663 Bru voters from the Tuirial assembly constituency came to Mizoram and voted in the indirect vote.

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