McConnell denounces ‘radical’, ‘waste of time’ Dem agenda as Schumer attacks GOP for ‘obstruction and traffic jam’

Leader of the minority in the Senate Mitch mcconnell and majority leader Chuck schumer fought Wednesday in the Senate over the Democrats’ legislative agenda, which McConnell says is “designed to fail” so Schumer can convince others Democrats to end the filibuster.

Schumer, DN.Y., meanwhile accused Republicans of choosing “filibuster and deadlock” because they made filibuster an equal pay bill that he said shouldn’t. not be partisan, but McConnell warned it would be a boon to trial attorneys more than anyone.

“The Republicans in the Senate have been partisan filibuster on a very simple law to help provide equal pay for women,” Schumer said. “It is shocking that my fellow Republicans think the Senate has no role to play in defending the rights of women who are unfairly and unlawfully discriminated against in the workplace.”

Schumer continued, “The issue of pay equity has become a partisan issue, unfortunately. Democrats for, Republicans against.”


But McConnell, R-Ky., Countered that Schumer’s agenda is simply a “sweeping set of proposals” meant to “illustrate that the Senate is broken” and ultimately convince moderate Democrats to remove the filibuster.

The Minority Leader said Schumer’s agenda boils down to “plans to block hospitals, schools and small businesses with new high-stakes wake-up tests; to severely restrict the right of Americans to keep and bear arms; and of course to tip the scales of our electoral system. definitely in their favor. ”

“Yesterday, the radical parade began with an attempt to use the paycheck fairness cause as a cover to impose unprecedented new legal burdens on American employers,” McConnell continued, noting that it was illegal to paying women less money for the same work for six decades.

McConnell said the Democrats’ paycheck would subject companies to “unlimited liability in workplace affairs, even when malice plays no part.”

He called it “a godsend wrapped in a gift for the test bar”.

McConnell also criticized Democrats for failing to submit the paycheck bill to a regular order – instead skipping the committee process and markup.

“Well, apparently when your agenda is designed to fail, a regular order is just a waste of time,” McConnell said.

The Senate passed what could be its largest two-party congressional bipartisan deal in two years on Tuesday in a sprawling bill to help the United States cooperate with China. But several questions of division arose before her.

Infrastructure talks between Senate Republicans and President Biden dissolved on Tuesday, and it is unclear how talks between the White House and another bipartisan group will play out – or whether they can rally enough Republicans to support it. such an agreement if an agreement is reached.


Democrats are also expected to push forward S.1, a bill that would massively expand the role of the federal government in elections. They say the bill is needed to push back on Republican-backed state election laws, while McConnell said the bill was a naked takeover.

Senators Joe Manchin, DW.Va., and Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., Are opposed to any change in the filibuster that many Senate Democrats want to allow them to pass legislation without consulting Republicans. The pressure on the two moderates is only expected to increase if Republicans continue to block bills most Democrats prefer.

But Manchin in an op-ed Sunday stressed that Democrats readily use filibuster when Republicans are in charge. He added that “this has been essential to protect the rights of Democrats in the past.”

“I will not vote to weaken or eliminate the filibuster,” Manchin said.

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