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Morobe’s education division will need a budget of KK 1.5 million to repatriate more than 150 teachers from the province who have retired but are still awaiting repatriation to their home province.

Morobe Province Education Advisor Keith Tangui said in an interview that these teachers taught in Morobe until they received their letters from the Education Services Commission to withdraw from teaching and therefore took their retirement.

Mr. Tangui said these teachers should have been repatriated to their home province when they retired, but this has not happened in the past 10 years.

So, he said, many retired teachers are still awaiting their repatriation allowance and these teachers deserved to be commended for their service.

“Many teachers have died while waiting to be repatriated and it’s sad. We therefore submitted a proposal to the provincial government of Morobe to allocate funds for the repatriation of retired teachers next year so that they can return home happy instead of continually waiting.

“Some teachers still occupy the teachers’ houses in our primary and secondary schools in Lae and do not move despite the advice of the respective school boards urging them to move because they have nowhere to live,” he said. declared.

Mr. Tangui said that the repatriation of retired teachers will be a priority for the division next year and after the repatriation of all retired teachers; they will ensure that funds are allocated annually to returning teachers who retire at the end of each year.

He said that when they retire, they need to get their repatriation allowance, which is the provincial allowance, aside from their golden handshake from the national government and their retirement pension, so that they can be satisfied with their education service and return home.

Former Omili Primary School Principal Philip Pep and his wife, also a former Omili teacher, have retired but still occupy a staff unit within the school’s teachers’ compound.

Mr Pep said he retired in 2012 after teaching 27 years at schools in Morobe while his wife retired in 2019 and they are still waiting for their repatriation funds to return to their home province. ‘origin, in the province of the Western Highlands.

He said they can move easily, but his frustration that Morobe’s provincial government and administration through the education division overlooked this vital exercise where funding was not allocated to retired teachers. farewell held it back.

“The education division needs to be consistent with the repatriation exercise and prioritize what it does with deceased teachers in the line of duty.

“We respect them and our concern is that in the past, the exercise of repatriation of retired teachers has been very effective in the province and we want teachers who retire to return to their home province with a smile because their service is appreciated and recognized, ”said Mr. Pep. .

Former Taraka Primary School principal Thomas Bweheni expressed similar concerns, adding that he was among six other teachers in Lae district who had received notice of their retirement from actual teaching. last year.

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