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Fiji records eight more Covid deaths; Kiribati extends curfew; American Samoa health officials find some historic covid infections; Vanuatu to resume repatriation flights this weekend; Nauru receives vaccine aid through UNICEF and likely charges Samoa staff who broke quarantine protocols

Fiji records eight more Covid deaths

Eight other people have died of Covid-19 in Fiji, including a six-month-old girl.

There are 95 new cases reported in the community.

The government said the baby was hospitalized on January 14 after suffering from a “congenital illness”.

He said this contributed to the severity of the child’s illness and she died on January 31.

Fiji has 1,397 isolated active cases with a death toll of 809.

There are 86 hospitalized Covid-19 patients.

Photo: AFP

Kiribati extends curfew

The Kiribati government has extended its nationwide curfew for a week after 146 new cases of Covid-19 were reported on Thursday.

The Ministry of Health said it had registered a total of 913 positive infections in the country, mainly in South Tarawa, Betio, Buota and Butaritari.

The curfew – which was due to end on Friday – should allow health authorities to complete their work with AUSMAT’s rapid assessment team on national health response strategies.

The government said more information on movement restrictions will be provided later.

American Samoa health officials find some historic covid infections

In American Samoa, a retest of 38 Covid-19 passengers on a Hawaiian Airlines flight on January 27 shows all but five had previously had Covid.

Director of Health Motusa Tuileama Nua said passengers did not disclose it upon arrival as required, so authorities are struggling to identify people with active infections.

Further testing and questioning of passengers and analysis of the results of those who participated in the rite of quarantine at the Tradewinds Hotel are not yet complete.

He said once this is done they will know the total number of passengers who are true positives.

The director of health said no one will leave the quarantine sites today as planned, but will remain in quarantine for a further three days.

Vanuatu will resume repatriation flights this weekend.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reports that Vanuatu began administering reminders from Friday for frontline workers, including airport staff, customs, immigration and health workers.

Acting Director of Public Health Jenny Stephens said people who travel overseas and return within the year are also included in the priority group.

She confirmed that booster shots of the AstraZeneca and Sinopharm vaccines will be given.

She told the Daily Post, “It’s to reduce their risk of serious illness once abroad. This group of people are asked to come in for their 3rd dose if it’s been five months or more since their 2nd dose. “

Nauru receives aid for vaccination through UNICEF

Nauru’s defense against COVID-19 will be strengthened with the delivery of thousands of Pfizer vaccines in the coming months.

This week, Australia provided 5,850 doses of Pfizer vaccine to Nauru as part of a multi-million dollar partnership with UNICEF to purchase up to 20 million vaccines for partner countries in the Pacific and the South. Southeast Asia by the end of 2022.

Nauru’s Health Minister Isabella Dageago said the country had vaccinated 97% of its adult population against COVID-19.

She said this latest batch will enable the island to protect its children from the disease, which she called an important step towards fully opening Nauru to the world.

Charges likely for Samoa staff who broke quarantine protocols

A nurse and driver from Samoa’s National Emergency Operations Center who breached quarantine protocols are set to be charged by police after making an unscheduled stop at an ATM last Saturday.

The Samoa Observer reported that Deputy Commissioner of Police Auapaau Logoitino Filipo said the staff were in quarantine and being investigated for possible criminal charges filed after their release from solitary confinement.

Another deputy commissioner, Papalii Monalisa Keti, said there were no officers stationed at the quarantine site due to the limited number of staff.

In October last year, a returning seasonal worker caused widespread panic when he escaped from a quarantine site and traveled to several public places before ending up at a transfer service. ‘silver.

He was later charged with violating SOE orders.

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