Grace and Frankie’s Brooklyn Decker Has a Very Famous Husband You’ll Be Sure to Recognize

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The last series of Grace and Frankie finally landed on netflix earlier this year and fans are heartbroken to have to say goodbye to their favorite characters.

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The popular comedy is known for its fantastic cast of recognizable actors. One of those stars is Brooklyn Decker, who plays Mallory Hanson, Grace and Robert’s second daughter. But did you know that she has a famous husband?

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Brooklyn is married to American tennis player Andy Roddick. The 35-year-old actress started dating her husband in 2007 and they got engaged in March 2008 before getting married in April the following year.

While the couple resided in Andy’s hometown of Austin, Texas, they now live in Charlotte, North Carolina with their six-year-old son Hank and four-year-old daughter, Stevie.

Andy is a former world No. 1 tennis player and a great champion, having won the US Open in 2003. He also reached the Wimbledon final in 2004, 2005 and 2009, as well as the US Open final in 2006, losing each time against Roger Federer.

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Discuss with We Weekly earlier this year, the actress revealed that “efficiency is key” when it comes to raising her two children with Andy.

Brooklyn with husband Andy

It gets hilariously transactional‘, she told the publication. ‘You’re like, ‘I have the kids, you go buy the tampons, go get the diapers.’

“He is very [much] like making a game plan for a football game. You draw the X’s and someone is going to do that job and the other one is going to do it.”

While her husband may be known for his impressive sporting achievements, Brooklyn is known and loved for her portrayal of Mallory on the popular Netflix series, which recently ended.

Brooklyn plays Mallory in the popular series

Speaking about the end of the series, creator Marta Kauffman told Variety, “As we said goodbye to each set and then left the stage, a second later the set was gone. The last scene we shot was with Jane and Lily in Frankie’s studio, which was perfect, to end up with the two of them. Then we had a very emotional big goodbye with a crew.

“We gave Jane and Lily gifts and people gave speeches. It was just heartbreaking and incredibly bittersweet. But we’re really proud of what we’ve done and we’re really proud of 94 episodes. We are especially proud that a wonderful group has formed over these years. We are a happy family, the crew, the writers, the actors, the production and the publication. It was so nice to see people in the morning. For me, that was the saddest part of it all.”

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