FSP offers 2000W power supply for upcoming Nvidia and AMD GPUs

FSP has launched the Cannon Pro 2000W, a power supply intended to power next-generation products from Nvidia and AMD that will compete for a spot on the list of best graphics cards. The new power supply is already available on Amazon for $499.99.

Originally designed for cryptocurrency miners, FSP’s Cannon Pro 2000W offers 18 PCIe 6+2 pin power connectors. FSP promises stable and simultaneous operation for up to nine graphics cards. However, now that modern graphics cards, such as the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti (Ampere) with its supposed 450W TDP, consume more power, the 2000W Cannon Pro might serve a higher purpose. Although the power supply does not have 12VHPWR power connectors, there are more than enough regular PCIe power connectors for these 3×8 pin to 12VHPWR power adapters.

The Cannon Pro 2000W clings to the standard ATX form factor with dimensions of 200 x 150 x 86mm. The power supply is 80 Plus Gold certified, guaranteeing 87% efficiency at 100% load, 90% efficiency at 50% load, and 87% efficiency at 20% load. The Cannon Pro 2000W uses a single rail design and delivers up to 2000W with one small caveat. The unit peaks at 1200W with a 100V – 115V input and 1500W with a 115V – 200V input. Therefore, to exploit the maximum 2000W capacity of the power supply, you need an input of 200V to 240V.

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Canon Pro 2000W

Canon Pro 2000W (Image credit: FSP)
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Canon Pro 2000W

Canon Pro 2000W (Image credit: FSP)

As you’d expect from any high-end power supply, the Cannon Pro 2000W features a DC to DC module design, active PFC ≧ 0.9, quality Japanese electrolytic capacitors and your cocktail usual protections, including OVP, OCP, UVP, SCP, OPP and OTP. As a result, FSP rates the Cannon Pro 2000W for 92% efficiency at typical load and a hold time of over 17ms at full load.

The Cannon Pro 2000W depends on a 135mm dual ball bearing fan for active cooling. It also uses a fully modular design, so consumers only need to plug in the cables they need, making installation and cable management easier and improving cooling performance.

FSP does not specify the warranty period for the Cannon Pro 2000W on the power supply’s product page.

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