ExtraHop extends advisory service for better threat detection

ExtraHop has extended its Reveal (x) Advisor services to provide better threat detection and hunting capabilities as well as network assurance analysis.

Reveal (x) Advisor provides ExtraHop Threat Analysts and Dedicated Security Advisors who provide rapid and accurate analysis of priority detections, search the network for indicators of current or future compromise, and continuously check for vulnerabilities, such as use of obsolete protocols or shadow IT, the company states.

New services include:

Network insurance: Proactive scan and review of critical assets to identify known vulnerabilities, SSL hygiene, exposure risks, unauthorized devices, ghost applications, and abnormal network behaviors that could be exploited.

Expertise at the request of security advisers: Personalized work sessions with ExtraHop security advisors teach users how to reduce attack surfaces, identify high-risk protocols and optimize system efficiency while maturing cybersecurity posture.

Proactive threat hunting: ExtraHop Threat Analysts, using the MITER ATT & CK framework, research and explore network, system alerts, and transmission data to identify malicious, suspicious, and risky actions that have so far avoided the detection.

According to the company, ExtraHop’s Reveal (x) 360 SaaS NDR offering, combined with advisory services, helps organizations improve security, modernize cyber defenses and address cybersecurity talent shortages.

Regarding the motivation behind the development and exit of the service, the company states that security teams today are overwhelmed by the volume of threats and staff shortages. They barely have time to respond to priority alerts, let alone proactively think about their cybersecurity hygiene strategy.

Reveal (x) Advisor addresses these challenges by helping customers assess their cybersecurity maturity, clear their alert queues, and proactively investigate threat activity on workloads.

Mark Bowling, Vice President of Security Services at ExtraHop, said, “Reveal (x) Advisor accelerates threat preparedness and response through enhanced network identification, protection, detection and readiness.

“It prevents network intrusion and compromise by working with the business to take action before the first alert to provide threat-free network assurance. If there are indications of an intrusion, Reveal (x) Advisor provides an almost immediate response based on network indicators. “

Christina Richmond, IDC Program Vice President for Security Services, says: “The sophistication of attacks combined with fierce competition for security talent has convinced many organizations to turn to professional and managed services.

“Services like ExtraHop’s Reveal (x) Advisor can help organizations increase their cybersecurity maturity, especially when combined with customizable network assurance and threat hunting, as well as proactive advisory services regarding posture and safety approach.

ExtraHop’s Reveal (x) 360 cyber defense platform is designed to help organizations detect and respond to advanced threats before they compromise a business.

Company applies cloud-scale AI to petabytes of traffic per day, performing line-speed decryption and behavioral analysis across infrastructure, workloads and data In progress.

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