Electric / Hybrid – REE begins testing of P7 electric modular platform for delivery fleets

Supports up to 8,800 lbs. maximum payload, the P7 platform packs up to 35% more packages than comparable commercial vehicles or equivalent and can comfortably carry up to 30 passengers, making it the optimal platform for markets targets such as owners of delivery and logistics fleets, transport authorities, school buses and mobility operators. REEcorner and X-by-Wire technologies allow each wheel to move independently for enhanced driving dynamics and safety with all-wheel steering, ride and braking options.

The P7 modular platform is designed to radically simplify development times for electric business models and is optimized for fleet owners looking to create their own brand of commercial vehicle, unique design and differentiation in the market using configuration REE and lowest TCO thanks to Battery-as-a-Service, Data-as-a-Service and Quick Trade-in from REEcorner. On the way to production, last year, REE appointed key suppliers American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) to supply high performance electric drive units and Brembo to co-develop and supply the brake system.

Daniel Barel, co-founder and CEO of REE Automotive: “The P7 platform is essential in the design, safety and functionality of commercial vehicles. True to our vision of providing complete modularity and versatility, this platform can be configured in various sizes and optimized to fit a particular application and use case. The P7 will use REE-Hitachi’s Data and Application-as-a-Service capabilities to inject actionable insights and insights into fleet operations and provide fleet owners with complete visibility into their operations enabling time to market. faster, lower total costs of ownership and a suite of lifecycle services. “

The basic design commonalities in the innovative P7 architecture are designed to provide significant development synergies for additional future REEcorner models across all vehicle classes. This architectural approach offers both cost and time benefits throughout the development process, as well as additional production efficiency gains through the resulting economies of scale.

Electric and autonomous vehicles built on REE’s P7 platforms will be able to achieve ranges of up to 370 miles with top speeds of 80 mph and supporting a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of up to 16,500. lb.
REE’s P7 platform offers unmatched benefits in terms of virtually unlimited design freedom to meet exact customer business needs, the highest driving and range performance, improved safety and stability, and X technology. – Disruptive by-wire that offers independent and flawless wheel control.

Strengths of the P7 platform

  • The largest interior space in the smallest footprint thanks to the fully flat end-to-end chassis and low floor design
  • Higher volumetric efficiency generates higher operating margins
  • P7 offers minimal turning radii and improved reliability and driving stability with REEcorner â„¢ X-by-Wire technology
  • P7 platforms will support data as a service, giving fleet managers complete visibility and actionable insights into their fleet operations
  • Platform shown is 7.6m long and 2.4m wide

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