ED: UN support is good, but repatriation remains the ultimate goal

The agreement will cover the key areas of protection, education, vocational training, livelihoods and health.

It is extremely encouraging to see that after much delay and deliberation, the government of Bangladesh and the United Nations have finally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to facilitate the UN engagement in Bhashan Char on the front line. humanitarian aid to support the Rohingya population there.

The agreement will cover the key areas of protection, education, vocational training, livelihoods and health, which will help refugees lead a decent life on the island and should help appease the doubts over Bangladesh’s immediate plan to relocate more than 80,000 additional Rohingyas. population living in camps in Bhashan Char by the end of February next year.

In addition, it is hoped that, with the UN now officially playing a bigger and more important role on the island, the Rohingya will be more comfortable and be able to express their concerns about this relocation, as they have suffered enough, and well. whether they are refugees, they deserve to lead their lives with dignity and respect.

The squalid living conditions in the refugee camps were never going to be the proper long-term housing for the Rohingya. However, it is clear that while Bhashan Char appears to be a much better destination for the Rohingya, in terms of comfort, safety and overall conditions, it is crucial that Bangladesh and the rest of the international community do not lose out. view of the ultimate goal, which is to repatriate the Rohingya to Myanmar.

Bhashan Char and the Cox’s Bazar camps, despite all efforts and money spent for the benefit of the Rohingya, remain only temporary arrangements. Yes, it’s good that the UN has joined us in helping the Rohingya in Bhashan Char, but ultimately the Rohingya are citizens of Myanmar, and that’s where they belong.

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