D-Day for Trevor Trump

“With the Prime Minister announcing a reshuffle today, she should take this opportunity to confirm that she has lost faith in Trevor Mallard, the Donald Trump of New Zealand politics,” said ACT chief David Seymour.

“The problem with Donald Trump is that he has no respect for the democratic institutions that have given him his way of life and his ultimate position. Mallard has the same problem, Parliament has been good to him, but he will gladly trash the institution for his own survival.

“When it suits him, he is the Speaker of the House with unlimited powers. When it does not, it will hide behind the same privilege at the expense of our democracy.

“Mallard’s behavior contrasts sharply with the Prime Minister’s remarks at Harvard, who said that ‘the foundation of a strong democracy includes trust in institutions, experts and government – and that this can be built over time. decades but demolished in a few years. .’

The question for the prime minister is, how can she square those words with her continued support for Trevor Mallard in the third highest constitutional office after her and Governor General?

“Mallard was always an accidental speaker – he had his farewell speech prepared before he got the last-minute call. Every day is an accident waiting to happen, and the longer he goes on, the bigger the mess. big.

“Enough is enough. This is about a man who falsely accused a staff member of rape, who inflamed parliamentary protest with his immature behavior and who refuses to be held accountable for his actions.

“The mallard may have survived another mallard hunting season earlier this month, but it is time for the Prime Minister to eliminate this duck before the end of his government. The guy is the biggest handicap to democracy since Muldoon, like Donald Trump he has no respect for the institutions that made his career possible.

“A recent 1News poll shows that New Zealanders have lost faith in him and that the institution of Parliament is far too important for New Zealanders to distrust.

“It is time for the Prime Minister to show leadership and have the courage to do what is right.

“Mallard is hands down the worst public speaker New Zealand has ever seen. ACT lost faith in Mallard a long time ago and now so do the public. Ardern needs to stop playing politics and show some real leadership.

“The People’s Parliament is too important to have someone at the top that New Zealanders don’t trust.”

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