Children abandoned by their parents during an immigration raid in Segambut Dalam

KUALA LUMPUR: Two children, aged one and six, were abandoned by their parents following an early morning raid by the immigration service.

The parents, believed to be Indonesians, were nowhere to be found during the 1.30am raid on a squatter encampment at Kampung Masjid, Segambut Dalam on Friday July 1.

The tragic situation was part of the situation during the raid, after the repatriation recalibration program for undocumented migrants expired.

Kuala Lumpur Immigration Department Director Shamsul Badrin Mohshin said department staff inspected 92 Indonesians and Bangladeshis in the village.

“We discovered that 76 people had committed various immigration offences, including 46 men and 23 women, as well as seven children.

“Among the offenses are possession of valid travel documents and exceeding the length of stay,” he told reporters after Friday’s raid.

Syamsul Badrin said undocumented foreigners had various tactics to avoid department action, including escaping barefoot in forested areas.

“As we can see right now, they even abandoned their children to escape. We will place officers at the house until the parents return,” he said.

Kuala Lumpur Immigration will continue to raid areas full of undocumented foreigners, especially residential areas, factories and shopping malls in the city to detect those who have not participated in the repatriation program. , did he declare.

“We will not compromise by taking action in accordance with the Immigration Act.

“The Home Office has given them (undocumented foreigners) since November 2020 to participate in the repatriation program, but some are still stubborn,” he said.

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