Unlimited liability

What is a sole proprietorship? | Learn more

If you are going into business and want to legitimize your business, you will need to incorporate. Often the answer is a sole proprietorship. The simplest and most common form of business ownership, the sole proprietorship is owned by an individual who is responsible for all of the debts of …

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Facebook doesn’t have to be terrible

GE: I’ll check that out. I will say that private messaging raises another set of issues. There are, again, some content independent solutions that can deal with messaging apps, for example limiting forwarding is a big deal. And this is something Facebook did in India, as WhatsApp chain messages were …

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The “unique dynamic” of digital spaces exploited

Many of us on Facebook have a love / hate relationship with the platform, but partly for selfish reasons. Not because of sinister financial deals that allow Cambridge Analytica to harvest users’ personal information to overturn an election, but because a post didn’t get enough likes. Not because Russian actors …

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