Wale warns government about future repatriation plans

He says the growing number of confirmed cases of the delta variant strand, which has a higher transmission rate, will have serious consequences if it enters the country. Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Matthew Wale is warning the government not to downplay the recent mutation of the corona virus …

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Air New Zealand begins repatriating Sydney citizens

As the COVID-19 situation continues to deteriorate in Sydney lockdown, Air New Zealand is stepping up the pace of flights from Sydney to repatriate New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. Sydney is bracing for a long lockdown and New Zealand has suspended non-quarantine travel from the city. Meanwhile, thousands of …

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Do the costs of the cloud outweigh the benefits?

July 3, 2021 FOR THE In the past decade, few aspects of modern life have geeks drool over more than the cloud, the cumulus cloud of data centers dominated by three US tech giants, Amazon, Microsoft and Google, as well as Alibaba. in China. In America, some compare their position …

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