BYD promises 1,000 km of range in new EV platform and “Ocean-X” concept

Chinese auto giant BYD has officially launched its new “electronic platform 3.0” for electric vehicles and its new concept Ocean-X, a mid-size sedan built on the company’s new EV platform.

BYD’s new electronics platform 3.0 is intended to bring the company’s advancements in intelligence, efficiency, safety and aesthetics to market, and to promote the benefits of electric vehicles such as the safety and range at low temperatures, as well as its enhanced intelligent driving experiences.

BYD says the new 3.0 platform will deliver over 1,000 kilometers of range thanks to a new electric powertrain and a 20% increase in battery thermal efficiency. It will deliver 0-100 km / h acceleration in just 2.9 seconds.

The new electronic platform integrates a drive, brake and steering system and offers what the company claims to be an industry-leading powertrain domain controller.

BYD’s intelligent cockpit domain controller and intelligent body domain controller are already in mass production, while BYD has also independently developed its own BYD operating system which it says “decouples hardware and software. , offering an elite collaboration system for high levels of intelligent driving ”.

The unveiled BYD Ocean-X concept vehicle has all these features of the 3.0 electronics platform and integrates the company’s blade batteries into a vehicle with shorter overhangs and a longer, widening wheelbase. considerably space for passengers.

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BYD chairman and chairman Wang Chuanfu said he expects the company’s new 3.0 electronics platform to be “the cradle of the next generation of electric vehicles,” and equipped with the “battery-powered batteries. Ultra-safe blade ”from the company, the new Ocean-X will be“ a more efficient and safer intelligent EV for the next generation.

While BYD is currently focusing on its home market, China, the company is nonetheless slowly developing in overseas markets.

In August, for example, the company delivered Norway’s first BYD Tang all-electric SUV to a customer in Oslo, the country’s capital, the first of 100 to arrive in Norway, which is equipped with the Blade lithium iron phosphate electric vehicle. of the company (EV) battery.

This follows an announcement in May 2020 that it would enter the European market, starting by bringing its Tang electric SUV to the electric vehicle-friendly Scandinavian country of Norway.

Likewise, and much closer to home, deliveries to Australia of the BYD Yuan Plus electric crossover are expected to begin in April 2022. Additionally, BYD expects to shake up Australia’s burgeoning electric vehicle market with an “unbelievable price”. “.

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