Black & Amber Revenge at Newport Stadium

Pontypridd’s loss to Newport RFC was marked by the realism of the home side, leaving Ponty unable to complete the season’s double against the hosts.

Ponty started the game off on the right foot, no doubt continuing the momentum of last week’s thrilling victory over RGC in the first half of this game. The boys in Black and White had most of the possession and were able to keep Newport in their half with some superb kicks.

They also held on to the set piece, as they received a penalty 15 minutes from a scrum at Newport. Burnell had no trouble converting him from a distance to give the visitors a 3-0 lead.

The feeling around the pitch was, however, that Pontypridd should have used his early chances better, as Newport slowly returned to the game thanks to the Black and Ambers pack gaining the upper hand.

That sentiment was quickly confirmed when Newport took advantage of Ponty’s first mistake. In the 21st minute, The Pont failed to retain possession of his own scrum, and out of nowhere, Luke Crane picked up the ball and rushed to the line, beating Ponty’s defense before putting the ball to the ground . Reed’s conversion made it 7-3.

Although Burnell managed to reduce the score to 7-6 a minutes later, still at an impressive distance, Luke Crane was able to reach the try line a second time, just 10 minutes after his try, as he was played two-on-one after a sublime unload in the back of Dai Richards. The score remained 14-6 until halftime.

Half-time: Newport 14-6 Pontypridd

Newport really looked like they got hold of the game, especially once Will Reed was able to find the target. Sound 47e penalty minute, after two misses, gave Newport a 17-6 lead.

Pontypridd wasn’t finished, in fact, they apparently weren’t fazed by the fact that they were behind. Their first passing game put them behind the try line as they managed to stretch it side to side, putting Dale Stuckey for a great finish in the left corner – 59 minutes later, c ‘was 17-11 on the house side.

Unfortunately, they failed to make a comeback, as Reed’s 75e A penalty minute put Ponty out of reach, before Josh Skinner’s late try put an end to the visitor’s hopes.

Ultimately, the score reflected Newport’s effectiveness, as Pontypridd could have gotten a bonus point from this game had he grabbed his chances early on. Either way, they’ll be looking to bounce back next time at home against Ebbw Vale, fueled by hopes of revenge on a team that beat them earlier this season.

Full time: Newport 27-11 Pontypridd

– Zacharie Johnson-Pillon @zjpsport


15. Morgan Richards. 14. Joe Davies (Llywarch Ap Myrddin). 13. Morgan Sieniawski (c). 12. Bradley Roderick. 11. Dale Stuckey. 10. Ben Burnell. 9. Joel Raikes (Dafydd Buckland).

1. Tom Devine (Ben Stephens). 2. Nathan Huish (Ieuan Morris). 3. Tom Harper (Morgan Bosanko). 4. Jack Pape. 5. Chris Dicomidis. 6. Kristian Parker. 7. Sion Parry. 8. Joe Miles

Subtitles: 16. Ieuan Morris. 17. Ben Stephens. 18. Morgan Bosanko. 19. James Murphy. 20. Call James. 21. Dafydd Buckland. 22. Ceri Morris. 23. Llywarch Ap Myrddin

Testing: Stuckey

Penalties: Burnell x 2


15. Dai Richards. 14. Jon Morris. 13. Daffydd Smith. 12. Matt O’Brien. 11. Oli André. 10. Will Reed. 9. Luc Grue.

1. Jamie Young. 2. Henri Palmer. 3. Garin Harris. 4. Elliot Ferriman. 5. Josh Skinner. 6. George Young. 7. Josh Reid. 8. Ben Roach

Subtitles: 16. Matthew Dwyer. 17. Lewis Smout. 18. Louis Jones. 19. Joe Bartlett. 20. Rhys Jenkins. 21. Geraint Watkin. 22. Jack Wright. 23.George Gladding

Tests: Crane x2, Skinner

Conversions: Roseau x 3

Penalties: Roseau x 2

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