Alcoa unveils lighter wheels and covers

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ORLANDO, Fla. — Alcoa Wheels has launched a new set of products designed to improve performance and efficiency across the industry.

At the 2022 Technology & Maintenance Council Transportation Technology Annual Meeting and Expo on March 8, the company unveiled the new 22.5-inch x 8.25-inch wheel and 22 wide base wheels. .5 inches x 14 inches.

Nathalie Tessier, Managing Director of Alcoa Wheels, who made the announcement at the event, stressed that the products are designed to improve efficiency and performance.

Specifically, the ULT36x 22.5-inch x 8.25-inch wheel weighs 36 pounds, three pounds lighter than its predecessor. It features an exclusive MagnaForce alloy to save up to 0.9 gallons of fuel per 1,000 miles when converting from steel to aluminum. It also features a 7,400-pound load capacity, high polish or mirror polish, and Alcoa Dura-Bright and Dura-Black surface treatments.

“Thirty-six pounds: it’s the lightest and strongest wheel on the market today. And that was only possible thanks to all of our know-how, our knowledge of the wheel design alloy technologies that make this possible,” said Tessier.

The firm also introduced its 22.5-inch x 14-inch truck wheel. At 49 pounds, it weighs three pounds less than its predecessor. Made with an exclusive MagnaForce alloy, it is capable of providing a load capacity of 12,800 pounds. With the product, fleets can expect to save over 1,400 pounds on an 18-wheel vehicle when converting from dual steel wheels and tires. Tessier pointed out that the wheel is ideal “for a weight-sensitive fleet”.

Additionally, the company announced its steering wheel cover and drive wheel cover plus the wheel. The products are designed to add aerodynamic benefits to Alcoa wheels and provide fuel savings by reducing air drag. They are also designed to be easy to install and pave the way for flawless wheel inspections.

“The goal was to not have to remove the cover for inspections or inflations or anything like that,” Doug Mason, global technical manager at Alcoa Wheels brand Howmet Wheel Systems, told Transport Topics. “We also wanted to eliminate any possibility of misalignment when installing it. It is always installed in the right place, no matter what.

Alcoa Wheels, for the commercial heavy-duty, medium-duty, trailer and bus market, is a brand of Howmet Aerospace Inc.

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