8 best cheap road bikes

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Of all the categories of bikes, road bikes are the fastest, most stylish and most efficient. A road bike is designed for the pavement and is the best option for riders looking to go further with more speed and efficiency than on other types of bikes. Road bikes can also be astronomically expensive, making it difficult for casual cyclists or commuters to get into the sport. Fortunately, there are plenty of reasonably priced options for new riders.

Keep in mind that while these are solid entry-level bikes, the lower prices mean you’re going to compromise on at least some level of component durability and ride comfort.

What to consider

Caliper brakes (on rim) vs. disc brakes: Like other styles of bikes, road bikes come with either caliper brakes or disc brakes. Disc brakes are relatively new to the world of road bikes and usually come at a slightly higher price than caliper / rim brakes. Rim brakes work by applying pressure to the sides of the wheel, while disc brakes are mounted on the hub of the wheel. Disc brakes can provide more stopping power and are more commonly seen on mountain bikes and touring bikes.

Gear ratio: A bike with more gears will allow a greater range of pedaling force on a variety of terrains. Look for more gears if you plan to use this bike for races, triathlons, or longer rides in an area with big climbs. Check out the specifications for each ad. For example, a bike with a 3×7 crankset will have 21 speeds, a solid option for a variety of extended climbs and descents.

Handlebar Style: Road bikes will come with flat handlebars or drop bars. The descent bars have three different hand positions, which is convenient for changing positions on long journeys. They also allow you to lean more over the bars for more efficient pedaling uphill. However, flat handlebars can be safer, have more accessible brake levers, and are often found on more affordable bikes.

How we selected

To pick the best cheap road bikes, we picked a reasonable price range and then looked at the best options under the max price. We compared components and styling, as well as intended use for all categories. From there, we went with expert opinions and our own experience on road bikes and commuting to find the best road style bikes for everything from daily commutes around town to long group weekends. .

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Better Aesthetics

State bike 4130 Route

State bike

$ 589.99

This bike is built on a durable steel frame designed for commuters. It comes with attachment points for saddlebags and bags, as well as wide frame geometry for a frame bag. The bike only has eight gears, so it won’t be an endurance or racing bike, but the rear drivetrain is simple and low-maintenance, which is nice on more affordable bikes.

We love the unique colors and designs of these bikes, currently in collaboration with the National Park Foundation. This road-style bike can technically stand out against similar commuter rivals, with a vintage design that sets it apart from the rest.

  • Solid components for a reasonable price
  • Bonus for design points
  • Large space for bike bags
  • Only eight speeds
  • Less responsive brakes

Best affordable endurance bike

Fuji Sports 2.3


$ 849.99

This bike is an affordable road bike that you can feel confident about on longer group rides or even entry-level races. The curved seat is comfortable for endurance riding and the geometry was designed for long rides.

It might be a bit heavier than high-end endurance road bikes, but for $ 850 this bike is the balance between a more expensive ride and a more generic road-style commuter bike. The higher front end is easier on the rider’s back, and the flexible alloy frame can absorb bumps, making long rides easier on the wrists and back.

  • Durable components
  • Versatile for travel and endurance
  • Vertical position for more comfort
  • On the affordable price side
  • Heavy for long distances

Best urban commuter

Hiland Road Bike 700c racing bike


$ 349.99

This bike has a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame and dual caliper brakes for the front and rear. The bike is stylish and efficient for daily commutes on the roads, but it will also feel comfortable on long trips out of town or on paved cycle paths thanks to the 21 speeds.

This bike is easier to assemble than some of the others on this list, and the properly fitting components will be usable without tuning for at least a few hundred miles. It’s a solid all-in-one bike that doesn’t require a lot of upgrades, and the seat position and drop bars are classically styled like more expensive road bikes.

  • 21 speeds
  • Classic road bike style
  • The seat can be uncomfortable

The most versatile

Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Road Bike

This bike is just as comfortable for daily morning commutes or for a quick group ride at the weekend. It comes with a reliable Shimano derailleur, shifter and cassette and weighs just 25 pounds. This bike is flexible and easily shifts 21 gears. It’s simple to assemble on your own, but we recommend doing it for a tune-up to make sure the brakes and shifters don’t need any adjustment after the first few rides. Drop bars offer several grip options, and as an added bonus, they’re available in a fun and eye-catching colourway.

  • Versatile for all types of riders
  • 21 speeds
  • Shimano components
  • Will need adjustments after a few rides
  • The seat can be uncomfortable

Best affordable road bike overall

Schwinn Fastback Tournament


$ 709.99

Although still technically an “entry level” road bike, this offering from Schwinn is well suited for group rides, races and will last year after year. It features an aluminum frame and fork, designed to absorb vibrations on the road and help prevent fatigue on long journeys.

The bike is equipped with Shimano shifters and derailleurs for smooth and efficient shifting, as well as the Schwinn road hub for light travel on the pavement. The saddle and handlebar tape are designed for longer rides in comfort, as well as a slightly forward stance for more efficiency on extended climbs.

  • Reliable gear levers
  • Comfortable for long journeys

Best children’s bike

Raleigh Alysa Kids’ Flat Bar Road Bike


$ 434.90

The perfect introductory bike for ages 8 to 12, this durable road bike is well suited for pedaling around the neighborhood or going with parents for a long ride.

The bike has seven speeds and 24-inch wheels, which means easy adjustments for kids from 53 to 56 inches tall. Responsive alloy brakes provide a quick stop and the seat post is easily adjustable. Raleigh builds reliable and safe bikes and the kids’ line is no exception.

  • Wide height range
  • Durable frame and levers

Best bike for beginners

Eurobike 21 Speed ​​Shift System Road Bike


$ 279.00

We love the styling of this road bike, but be aware that it’s not as durable as the others on the list, which makes sense given its low price tag. The bike has 21 gears and a carbon steel frame, which allows for a smooth ride over a variety of road conditions.

The drop bar styling and responsive brakes contribute to efficiency while riding and confidence during stops, and the bike’s geometry helps with wind resistance on exposed sections or when battling a downwind wind. fierce face on the way back.

  • 21 speeds
  • Very affordable
  • Disc brakes
  • Not the most resistant
  • Some components may arrive deformed

Best affordable disc brake bike

Vilano Tuono T20 Aluminum Road Bike


$ 349.00

Suitable for commuting as well as long weekend trips, this sleek 21-speed aluminum bike is a great example of an affordable road bike with powerful disc brakes.

It has quick acceleration, easy shifting, and a comfortable saddle compared to other comparably priced bikes. The Vilano Tuono T20 is also one of the easiest home assemblies, with well-fitting components and fewer parts not fitting together.

As with all bikes that you assemble yourself, we highly recommend that you adjust them after a few rides, but overall this bike is nicely packaged so people can finish assembling it on their own.

  • Disc brakes
  • 21 speeds
  • Smooth shifting
  • The size chart can be turned off
  • The shifter can be noisy at first

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