32 Filipinos still in Afghanistan, 22 awaiting repatriation, according to DFA

An estimated 32 Filipinos are still in Afghanistan, the majority of whom have requested repatriation, the Foreign Ministry (DFA) reported on Sunday.

According to the DFA Situation Bulletin published on Sunday afternoon, of the 32 Filipinos in Afghanistan, 22 requested the repatriation of the company or the government after the Taliban forces took control of the capital Kabul.

Eight people do not wish to be repatriated at the moment, even as the country was placed under Alert Level 4 – the highest security warning given by the government – on August 15.

Below Alert Level 4, the Philippine government undertakes the compulsory evacuation of all Filipinos in a certain area, in the event of a large-scale internal conflict or a full-fledged external attack.

The latest available data from the DFA showed that there were 175 Filipinos who have already been evacuated – 16 are now in the UK; 13 in Oslo, Norway; one in Almaty, Kazakhstan; and one in Kuwait.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanks all the countries that continue to help us and cooperate with us to repatriate our citizens from Afghanistan. This help is essential to allow our employees to leave safely, ”said the DFA.

“All [ex]returnees, wherever they are, who ask to return to the Philippines, will be assisted, ”he added.

Taliban fighters took control of eastern Jalalabad on August 14, after its governor surrendered, noting that allowing passage to the Taliban was the only way to save civilian lives.

Soon after, insurgents entered Kabul as President Ashraf Ghani left the country in an attempt to avoid bloodshed, giving Islamist militants more power over the country decades after their ousting by the forces. American.

The Taliban have since declared war on the country, saying they will provide security for citizens and diplomatic missions. However, Afghans fear the group will revert to harsh practices under the guise of Sharia law. —LBG, GMA News

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