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USA Travel Guide 

A country of diversity, culture, and activity, the United States of America (USA) is a treasure trove of unique states - some already popular, others waiting to be discovered. 

It is a massive country with lots to see, so it may require several trips to cover the bulk of it. With such a difference between states, you will feel like you are in a brand new country every time.

The size of the USA means that travel between states is relatively long. To get between states that are in different regions, plane travel is the best option. If flights are booked in advance, they can be quite affordable. 

Road transport is quite a popular way to travel, and this can be done by car or bus. If you are looking to visit numerous states during one big road trip, it is well worth renting a car to get around with ease. The bus system is efficient and works well as a budget-friendly option. 

Public transport differs in each city/state. Some of the bigger cities are well-equipped with train systems, but what is most common is bus systems. 

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Top Things To Do

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Important Things To Know


The currency used in the USA is the US dollar.

Park City, Utah, USA downtown in autumn at dusk.

Park City, Utah, USA downtown in autumn at dusk. (Photo via Sean Pavone / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

National Languages

The national language spoken in the USA is English. 

Time Zone

Because the country is so big, different states have different time zones. As such the USA has six time zones: Alaska time, Central time, Eastern time, Hawaii-Aleutian time, Mountain time, and Pacific time. 

The USA also observes daylight savings between the second Sunday in March and the first Sunday in November, where the clocks are set forward by one hour. 

Climate And Weather

The USA is a big country, so the climate is vastly different from region to region. 

The southern states, and states along the west coast, generally experience pleasant weather with warm temperatures throughout the year. The states up north, closer to Canada, do have much colder climates. 

The central regions and northeastern states tend to experience fairly hot summers and cold winters, with a clear distinction between the seasons. 

Alaska is a bit of an outlier, as it has extremely long, cold winters and very short, mild summers. 

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When To Visit the USA

Lighthouse, Maine, Wood island Light
Wood Island Light in Maine. (Photo via David Lounsbury / Flickr)

When you decide to visit the USA will depend on where you plan to visit, and what type of holiday you want. 

The most popular time for tourists is during the summer season, as the weather is fairly pleasant throughout. If you want to beat the crowds, you can also plan a trip during autumn or spring, as it is less crowded while still maintaining comfortable temperatures. 

If you want to travel to southern states or states on the west coast, you can still enjoy warm temperatures during the winter.

Best Places To Stay In the USA

Statue of Liberty, New York City, New York, Statue of Liberty NYC
The Statue of Liberty in New York City. (photo by Patrick Clarke)

  • New York City: One of the most popular places to visit in the USA is vibrant New York City. With an impressive skyline, top-class bars, and restaurants, a world-famous theater scene, and endless cultural activities, you could spend weeks in the city and still not see and do a fraction of what is on offer. Our top attractions include Broadway, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Empire State Building. 
  • Los Angeles: Los Angeles, or the City of Angels, is the epicenter of everything glitz, glamor, and showbiz. The home of Hollywood in the state of California is a haven of opulent mansions, luxury shopping, seaside activity, and a fantastic food scene. You can hike up to the Hollywood sign, see Griffith Observatory, relax on Malibu Beach, and so much more. Our favorite activity is taking a tour of Warner Bros. Studios to see the sets of much-loved movies and TV shows. 
  • San Francisco: Another gem in California is San Francisco, known for its charming architecture and vibrant cultural scene. It is characterized by its steep hills, quaint trolley travel, and the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. Our favorite sites include Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Park, and Pier 39. 


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